Sage The Super Q™ blender (SBL920BSS2GUK1)


Pros: high-tech functions and superb results
Cons: price

Star rating: 5/5

While the brand-new Sage blender has all of the makings of a professional-style piece of kit, it has been designed with home use in mind, plus it's surprisingly straightforward to use – and quiet, too.

With a powerful 2400W motor (one of the most powerful of the blenders we tested), a 12-speed power setting and extra-wide, heavy-duty blade, this whipped up our smoothie in no time. And, thanks to its pulse/ice function, we were able to whizz in some ice, too. Overall, it created one of the smoothest blends out of all of the blenders we tested.

The blender comes with five one-touch/pre-set options – ice crush/pulse, smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert and soup – among 12 speed settings, so beyond smoothies and soups you can also make nut butters, creamy dips, grind spices and more.

The in-built soup button has the added advantage of turning room temperature ingredients into a hot, ready-to-eat soup, too (saving raw foods such as meat and fish, which would need to be pre-cooked first.)

Its in-built high-tech digital monitor also handily counts how many seconds you've been blending for, and the variable speed dial denotes which power level you need in order to stir, mix, chop, blend, purée and mill. You can also set a timer or pause your blending, and the blender handily comes with an auto-clean button.

While being able to hold up to 2 litres, the BPA-free jug lid is surprisingly light, making it easy to clean, too.

Going that extra mile, this model can also be paired with a separate ‘Vac Q’ vacuum attachment, which easily affixes to the top of the blender's lid. It removes air bubbles, and reduces oxidation, resulting in an even smoother (and brighter) blend – ideal for purées, dips and creamy smoothies.

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This blender also comes with a plastic scraper and tamper accessories, to loosen up any stubborn ingredients that may stick to the inside of the jug – both these tools can be used during blending, by removing the inner measuring cap.

Keeping up with the times, this blender also has a personal blending cup attachment (holding 700ml) that fixes to the base and can be easily transported. Intuitively, the blender base can detect which vessel is attached, and will adjust its pre-set programmes and blending times accordingly.

Number of speeds: 12, plus pulse
Weight: 9.44 KG
Wattage: 2400W
Size: 29.4 cm x 17.2cm x 13.2cm
Jug capacity: 2L

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