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Russell Hobbs Retro cream food processor

Pros: lovely retro design, decent performance
Cons: noisy when used on higher speed setting

Star rating: 4/5

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This food processor has a lovely retro aesthetic that would be right at home in a country-style kitchen. We particularly like the cream colour.

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The RPM counter on the front of the machine is a nice touch – albeit not an especially useful one, as the needle seems to indicate which of three speed settings you're using, rather than counting revs.

The food processor can chop, mix and blend very quickly when used on its higher speed setting. The downside to this is the sound it makes, which is not far behind the Salter Prep Pro Mini food processor in the noise pollution stakes. Using the quieter, slow speed setting may be a better bet, if you're not in a hurry.

Our ingredients – a mix of veg including carrots, onions and celery – came out very evenly processed on either speed setting.

Russell Hobbs cream food processor being tested in a domestic setting

There's little this processor can't do. A creaming disc and dough mixing tool add greatly to the possibilities.

The quality of components seems consistent with the low-to-mid-range price of the processor. The blade and slicing disc are ever-so-slightly flimsier that those of the considerably pricier Ninja Smart Screen food processor.

Meanwhile, the jug and mixing bowl are pretty solid, and certainly tough enough to take the odd knock and scrape, though you wouldn't want to drop them.

It's easy and safe to use – the accessories fix together or into the mixing bowl and jug seamlessly, and the processor won't start until the lid is on.

This processor's roughly cylindrical design means it's easy to store. You might even be able to fit it on a shelf, an unusual option among our featured food processors.

Pleasingly, there wasn't much packaging, relative to the size and complexity of the parts included.

Russell Hobbs retro food processor specifications
Components: base unit; mixing bowl (1.7L); stainless steel blade; blending jug (1.5L); slicing/shredding disc; creaming disc; dough tool
Functions: chop, slice, shred, blend, whip, mix
Colours: cream
Item weight: 4.1kg

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