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Salter EK3171 Prep Pro Mini Food Processor

Pros: great at chopping, excellent value for money
Cons: relatively low capacity, sounds pretty unpleasant

Star rating: 4/5

Available from Amazon (£29.99)

As far as this miniature food processor’s capacity (1L) and capabilities go, it produces very good results. It can chop vegetables finely and consistently, with fewer stray chunks than we experienced with any other processor. It also works fast. It chopped an onion, added in halves, in about 10 seconds, which is probably a fair bit quicker than you could chop with a knife.

It's particularly good at mixing sauces and dips such as guacamole, the small mixing bowl ensures not much food gets stuck to the sides.

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The EK3171's blade was comfortable chopping all the ingredients we tried, and the jug feels similarly tough, with a robust, gently curving shape.

The build quality is clearly lower than that of the other, more expensive, food processors, but that is entirely to be expected. What you get is great for the price.

With that said, we suggest you bear in mind that our testing process lasted weeks, whereas you would likely hope to use your food processor for several years. A budget option like the EK3171 is unlikely to last as long as a premium processor.

Salter food processor being switched on

It's a nice-looking machine, and has novel features such as the capability to blend in either direction, and an attachment for whipping cream. It's also a relatively good buy from an environmental standpoint, with low power usage and impressively little packaging.

This is a particularly easy processor to store: small, and with the option to partially wind the power cable into the base.

Its size is also an undeniable downside. You won’t be able to chop more than a few vegetables with it without emptying and refilling. With this in mind, we’d venture it's best-suited to people who tend to make a few servings of food at once.

Another definite negative is the noise the EK3171 makes. It's loud and unpleasant.

Easy-to-use and offering a good range of functions at a reasonable price, this processor could be a great tool for cookery newcomers.

Available from Amazon (£29.99)

Salter Prep Pro Mini food processor specifications
Components: base unit; mixing bowl with lid; spacer; whipping disc; stainless steel blade attachment
Functions: mix, stir, blend, whip, grate, chop, grind and knead
Colours: black
Item weight: 1.52kg

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