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Ninja Smart Screen Food Processor

Ninja Smart Screen food processor review

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A food processor is a bladed kitchen gadget that can quickly slice, dice and chop ingredients like vegetables and nuts. Read our review of the Smart Screen food processor by Ninja.

Ninja 1100W CT670UKV Smart Screen food processor with FreshVac technology

Pros: powerful and effective, vast array of functions
Cons: needs lots of storage space


Star rating: 5/5

  • This product is no longer available. To find more recommended buys, read our review of the best food processors.

The Ninja CT670UKV presents a dizzying array of food prep functions, with especially impressive provision for making smoothies and milkshakes.

We were interested to try this processor’s 'FreshVac' vacuum blending pump, which can remove the oxygen from the jug blender attachment before the user starts blending, supposedly resulting in tastier and more colourful smoothies.

We put this to the test by making a selection of smoothies and mango lassis, using the processor with its vacuum blending pump, and were pleased to find the resulting drinks were bright in both colour and flavour.

In Chop mode, the CT670UKV works in short, sharp bursts, ultimately chopping vegetables large and small with great precision. It’s immensely powerful, making its way through ginger, garlic, shallots and whatever else we pushed into it with ease. We were impressed with the uniformity of ingredients chopped.

This processor’s 'pusher' – the component used to push ingredients into the mixing bowl – comes in two parts. This interesting innovation made it much easier to chop the smallest items, such as individual cloves of garlic, accurately. However, we did find it a little tricky to dislodge the pusher when it came to cleaning the appliance.

Ninja Food processor being tested in a home environment

One weakness of the Ninja CT670UKV is that it's noisy when used on its more powerful settings. Many of you will consider this a fair price to pay for the appliance’s cutting power; others may find it irritating.

This strikes us a high-quality product, with a calibre of component to match its price. It looks smart and chic in black, and the touch display is a dream to use.

It's easy to pause the processor if you choose the wrong setting by mistake, and the only downside from a safety perspective is the potential difficulty of handling one particular component: the quadruple chopping blade array.

The pitcher, mixing bowl, blades and disc are of high quality, and we were impressed with the tight seal achieved with the jug lid – an essential requirement for the processor’s vacuum-blend function.

Everything the CT670UKV does, it does extremely well. The potential problem for some users, is that it may do too much.

The novel technique of vacuum-blending takes a bit of time to master, as does setup of the processor’s myriad components.

Furthermore, all the processor’s accessories need to be stored, which will take up a fair bit of space on your work surface or in the cupboard. On the plus side, the packaging used is minimal, relative to the parts included.

If you’re looking for a food processor that does a good job of pretty much everything a food processor can do, this would be our top recommendation. Just be mindful that the CT670UKV isn't the most convenient option in terms of noise and storage.

Components: 1100W base unit, vacuum blending pitcher (2.1L) with lid and valve, 6 stacked blade assembly, food processor bowl (1.1L), 4 stacked chopping blade, double dough blade, feed chute with 2-part pusher, disc holder/spindle, slicing/shredding disc, vacuum blending pump, 2 x 600ml single cups with valves, vacuum blending blade holder, 2 x non-vacuum sealing spout lid, recipe inspiration guide
Functions: chop, shred, grate, mix, blend, vacuum-blend
Colours: black
Item weight: 4kg
Speed settings: high, low, pulse

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