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Panasonic SD-ZX2522 breadmaker in brushed metal

Panasonic SD-ZX2522 automatic breadmaker review

Published: November 12, 2020 at 4:28 pm
A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Our Rating

Love making bread and thinking of buying a specialist machine? This Panasonic model really impressed when we put it to the test. Read our expert review.


  • Huge choice of programmes, separate yeast dispenser


  • No viewing window, confusing instruction book

Panasonic SD-ZX2522 automatic breadmaker summary

The Panasonic SD-ZX2522 is a staggeringly good machine with 37 programmes across a whole range of bread, doughs, pasta, jam and gluten-free to name but a few and three loaf sizes and crust colours.


We loved the separate yeast dispenser and automatic fruit and seed dispenser in the lid, meaning the machine can be set up to do its thing day or night without needing attendance.

Even the accessories on this machine are impressive, with tall lidded cups and a one-gram measuring spoon for sourdough starters.

If this machine had had a viewing window, then it would have ticked every box for the perfect breadmaker, but even as it is, it is close.

Available from Argos (£239.99)

What were our first impressions of the Panasonic breadmaker?

The Panasonic SD-ZX2522 breadmaker was by far the largest breadmaker we tested, it may be a beast of a machine but is surprisingly light to lift and carry with two carefully placed hand slots on the base.

It is smart looking with a shiny grey and black hard plastic finish that kept very clean throughout the test, with any marks easily wiped away.

Its 37 automated programmes include gluten-free bread, pasta and cake options, a fast bake, sourdough starter and bread and even jam making.

Disappointingly, the Panasonic was the only breadmaker on the test that did not have a viewing window and a confusing foolscap instruction book that involves constantly flipping back and forth trying to marry recipes up.

What we do love is a separate yeast dispenser that is so useful in ensuring the yeast only comes into the dough at the precise time it is needed and the chances of it encountering the salt and potential collapse of the bread, slim.

The accessories with the Panasonic are impressive, too. A dispenser for nuts and seeds and two tall, lidded, measuring cups which double up as containers for the sourdough starter programme.

The measuring spoon is large and easy to read, plus there’s even a tiny one-gram measuring spoon for those tiny measures sometimes needed.

Panasonic bread maker close up of buttons

How is the Panasonic breadmaker to use?

We particularly liked the unfussy and straightforward touchscreen for choosing which bread to make, size of the loaf, crust colour, and time delay if using.

Once chosen, the rest was very simple. With no viewing window, we had to trust the process and let the machine take over.

There are no loud bangs or noisy mechanics, except when the dispenser drops the yeast in, which is startling the first time. The machine is so quiet we had to keep checking it was working – until the kitchen filled with delicious smells.

Our verdict

With the basic bread recipe, there is a choice of a slow 4-hour long process or a quick loaf. We tested both functions, and with the quick bake, we felt this is a handy programme for those last-minute bakes with good results.

We preferred the texture and flavour of the full programme though as the crust was crustier with a tighter crumb and more intense bread taste.

All-round this maker performed well and with such an extensive range of programmes will thrill the beginner or advanced baker. It is a solidly built machine and also large, so not great if space is at a premium.

The Panasonic is especially good for family baking and for those who love their bread or messing around trying different bakes and doughs. Though the most expensive on the test, we felt it is well worth the investment.

Available from Argos (£239.99)

Panasonic SD-ZX2522 specifications:
Machine size: 25.6 x 38.9 x 38.2 cm
Power: 550W
Programmes: 37 pre-programmed
Delay function: yes
Viewing window: no
Display: Touchscreen
Crust colour adjustment: yes
Loaf size (s): XL, L, M
Guarantee: 3 years

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