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Nutri Ninja with FreshVac technology BL580UKV


● Great blending performance
● Lots of features
● Innovative deoxygenation pump


● Noisy
● Might be more complicated than necessary for some users

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Star rating: 4/5

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The Nutri Ninja is a versatile, feature-rich smoothie-maker that we found could blend powerfully and consistently. Its FreshVac oxygen pump accessory helps make smoothies vibrant in colour and taste, and sets it apart from competitors. There’s quite a lot to get your head around when it comes to setting up the Nutri Ninja, however – especially that FreshVac pump.

Its manufacturer helps users through set-up by including stickers on pertinent parts of the components, with instructions on safe blade removal, and installation of batteries into the FreshVac pump (about the batteries: take care to ensure you put them in the right way up). This isn’t a smoothie-maker most people could set up fully without guidance, so we recommend following the instructions carefully.

While the Nutri Ninja is not the simplest of smoothie-makers, it’s easy enough to use once you’ve gotten the hang of it. The instruction booklets included with the appliance spell it out pretty well, and for those who prefer to learn by watching, there’s further guidance on the Ninja Kitchen YouTube channel.

A Nutri Ninja smoothie maker being tested

One downside to the Nutri Ninja is the noise it makes, which is loud and grating. It isn’t the easiest to store either, due to its complex build. There are a fair few components that will need to be kept somewhere. The base of the appliance is relatively neat and narrow, and features a recess at the bottom, allowing for storage of some of the length of its power cable.

We were keen to test the FreshVac oxygen-pumping feature, which promises to make drinks smoother, brighter and richer-tasting. We used it to deoxygenate a simple smoothie made with dates and coconut water, and found that the drink produced did have a slightly stronger flavour than a similar smoothie made without the pump.

Aside from the FreshVac pump, the Nutri Ninja has quite a few extra features, with options to blend in one of four ways: straightforward blending, pulse blending, or pre-programmed settings with a mixture of pulse, blend and pause, designed for smoothie-making and juice extraction respectively. Even so, we found the straightforward blend setting the most effective at producing evenly-textured smoothies.

High-quality mixing cups are included with the Nutri Ninja and, in our testing, they proved secure, with no leakage whatsoever. Their only drawback is the spout cap on the top of the lid, which rests awkwardly on the nose while drinking.

We found the appliance and its accessories easy to clean. A fairly large amount of packaging came with this product, although we’re glad to say it is largely recyclable and in keeping with the needs of safely transporting the product.

Nutri Ninja specifications:
Power: 1000W
Blend capacity: 700ml (two cups)
Blade type: angled 4-blade array
Weight: 2.56 kg

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