• small, compact design, easy to store


  • the plates are not removable for easy cleaning, the plates are larger than most pre-cut slices of bread

Netta Deep Fill toastie maker summary

This simply designed, classic-looking toastie maker from Netta is a compact little machine. At just 29cm wide, it takes up very little space on the kitchen counter and remains securely in place thanks to the non-slip feet. This sandwich maker has no controls, you just plug it in and it begins to heat up, simple.


The toastie plates are not removable and therefore this model needs to be carefully hand-washed. The instructions leave a lot to be desired though; they’re vague and it’s a shame no recipes are included. But for those in search of a no-nonsense toastie maker that already know what they’re doing, this is a good choice.

How easy is the Netta Deep Fill toastie maker to use?

With no controls to concern yourself with, using this toastie maker is as easy as it gets. On the underside of the machine there is cord storage, which is great not only for when you’ve finished using the machine, but also for reducing the cord length so it doesn’t get in the way on the kitchen counter.

Heating took just under two minutes. There are two lights on the top of the toastie maker: one red, one green. Confusingly, both lights turn on when the machine is turned on, then the green light turns off when the toastie maker is ready to use. Whilst green is usually used to mean ‘go’, bear in mind with this machine, it doesn’t.


In recent years it seems like every sandwich maker manufacturer has decided to make their toastie plates larger, and for that consideration, we are eternally gratefully. But, Netta – like many of the other brands tested – have been too generous. The toastie plates are now larger than a standard slice of supermarket bread.

Because the bread didn’t fill the plates, some of the toasties came out looking a little lop-sided. That being said, all sandwiches were well sealed and toasted, but aesthetically, they didn’t look quite right.

The instructions need more guidance. They say to cook the sandwiches for two-four minutes. But we peeked at the sandwiches at the two- and four-minute mark and felt they were still too pale, so let them cook for longer. Test after test, we found between six and seven minutes to be the optimum cooking time, after which, sandwiches were consistently well browned with a good seal. They were ready to eat and the filling was well-melted, without being burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth-off hot.
True to its name, this toastie maker really is deep-fill. Its large capacity gives you a lot of space to get creative with your fillings. We were able to fit 60g of cheese in each toastie without it breaching, which produced the oozing, satisfying results we were after.

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll need to do this by hand as the plates can’t be removed. But the non-stick coating is excellent, so it took little more than a wipe with a damp cloth to clean it. Do be aware that the stainless steel top is easily marked by greasy fingerprints.


This simply designed and easy to use Netta toastie maker is a sturdy piece of kit with a small footprint. At under £30, this fuss-free machine is reasonably priced. It’s a humble sandwich maker that makes equally humble toasties well.


Multi-functional: no
Number of sandwiches: two
Removable plates: no
Dishwasher-proof: no
Recipe book: no
Dimensions (cm): H: 10 x W: 29.2 x D: 24.8
Weight: 2.03kg
Wattage: 900W


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