• professional quality, useful faucet feature to drain oil


  • too large to live on the kitchen counter, requires large quantities of oil

Maxima electric fryer with faucet summary

If you plan on cooking deep-fried food in large batches, whether that’s for dinner parties or as a business, the Maxima 8-litre electric fryer with faucet is a superb choice. This is the only fryer we’ve tested for our review of best deep-fat fryers that has the capacity to make enough chips for a large family in one go. On the downside, it’s probably too large to live permanently on the kitchen counter.


Available from: Maxima (£89.73)

What were our first impressions of the Maxima fryer ?

From its stainless steel body to its bright orange indicator light, this is a superbly-made appliance.

Setting up Maxima’s fryer is simple enough. The only unusual steps are putting a metal grid over the fryer’s heating element before you add the basket, and ensuring the fryer’s faucet is closed before use.

Although the capacity of this fryer is higher than most, the functionality is much the same as the rest: just set up the basket and its handle, fill the fryer with oil to at least the minimum fill level, and use the thermostat dial to select your preferred temperature. Unlike most domestic fryers, this model has an on/off switch, which strikes us as a safety-enhancing touch.

How is the Maxima fryer to use?

In our testing, we found that this fryer could get up to temperature rapidly and reliably – which is all the more impressive considering its high capacity. The chips came out evenly cooked and delicious.

When it comes to cleaning, this very large fryer may prove easier to work with than many models half its size. The fryer has a cold zone at the bottom of its frying tub, which helps prevent dropped food from burning to the bottom. Plus, the faucet on the front of the fryer makes it easy to get rid of used oil.

The instructions provided are clear, precise and excellently written. We suggest reading the manual especially carefully as the machine is a little complex to set up. The fryer’s packaging is robust but minimal – a perfect combination to protect the product and the environment.

Our verdict

Although the Maxima fryer is technically a commercial fryer, it’s well worth considering for home use – so long as you’ve got a suitable place to store it. The fryer doesn’t cost all that much more than the smaller models, and yet, its quality is significantly higher.

Available from: Maxima (£89.73)

Maxima electric fryer with faucet specifications

Maximum temperature: 190C
Oil capacity: 8l
Food capacity: 3kg
Power: 3250W

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