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La Diablada pisco review

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Fancy rustling up a classic pisco sour? Ensure you use the best base spirit by reading our review of La Diablada pisco, a modern spirit that's made using traditional methods.

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La Diablada pisco – 40% ABV

Star rating: 5/5

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La Diablada is an interesting one, coming from the Macchu Pisco company, a brand which was only created in 2006 by two sisters, Americans of Peruvian descent, who decided they wanted to make pisco.

La Diablada is their super-premium product, and their regular Macchu Pisco spirit is also worth checking out though it didn’t quite make our top five.

The name La Diablada is a reference to a dance between angels and demons, and the story is told and depicted on the label.

This one uses a blend of Italia, Quebranta and Moscatel grapes, which are all distilled separately then rested for two years before blending. The first blend was given to the sisters’ Peruvian grandmother, aged 93, who gave it the thumbs up.

A blended pisco is known as an ‘acholado’ and in this case the result on the nose is wonderful. The blend produces an intriguing mix of the floral, the herbal and a dash of spiciness too. There’s also a vanilla sweetness and a fresh touch of lemon.

This is one of the smoothest piscos around in the UK, and just from the nose you know it’s a superior spirit.

That's confirmed when tasting, when those floral, herby, spicy, sweet and citrus aromas turn into a delicious mix of flavours that swirl around the mouth. It slips down smooth as silk, with a peppery-spicy edge to it.

The perfect pour

This is definitely one for sipping slowly, neat.

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