• small footprint, easy to store, innovative reversible stacking disks, quiet, oil drizzler


  • not great at finely blitzing smaller quantities

KitchenAid 2.1L food processor review summary

The KitchenAid's style and small footprint are the first things we noticed about this machine. It's compact (about the width of a large kettle), lightweight, easy to unpack and manoeuvre, and sports handy grooves at its base. Non-slip feet keep it stable once settled.


Each component and accessory feel quality-made and built to last. This is a step-down in size from the 3.1L KitchenAid, so better suited to those who don't want to bulk-blitz ingredients, but do want a practical machine for everyday use.

How easy is the KitchenAid 2.1L food processor to use?

The blades and reversible discs all stack onto a central stem at different heights, which is not only space-saving and convenient but a huge pro when it comes to safety. The blades store upside-down and have safety tape across them.

A doughnut-shaped paper guide contains diagrams for helping you assemble each component, and there are icons that suggest ingredients for each disc. There are three discs offering a total of five functions to choose from, thanks to the innovative reversible design. Choose from a 2mm thin slice disc (reversible with fine grater on other side); 4mm medium slice disk (reversible with medium slice disc); and a 6mm thick slice disc alongside the dough blade and stainless steel multi-purpose blade.

Each disc sits just below the feeder chute when aligned with a handy indicator. Twist 90 degrees clockwise and the blades fall to different heights for stacking and easy storage – a really smart feature.

The broad feeder chute at the back is large enough for two carrots at a time. The two-part push lid has a textured base for helping ease ingredients down and features a smaller opening for drizzling oil.

The controls are also simple. Press to start the two speed settings, then press to stop. The pulse function is fully controlled by you. We were struck by how quiet the processor is, even while tackling tough ingredients such as halved potatoes.


It's a testament to sharp blades that we didn't need to use the second speed function. There was a bit of a wobble with slicing whole new potatoes with the 6mm slice disc, but they were processed easily when sliced lengthways. The 4mm would be good for ingredients such as carrots and celery. The 2mm slicing disk produced lovely slithers for dauphinoise potatoes and would work well for creating chocolate curls.

As expected, cheese was shredded with impressive efficiency. We had to fish some nubbins out each time, but they were small enough not to worry about. The oil drizzler is an excellent addition, particularly for the gradual adding of measured amounts for mayonnaise and pesto. We needed a bit more oil than recommended to get the pesto smooth and you have to scrape down the sides a lot. It took a full minute of continuous processing to get it smooth. The pulse function has an auto-shut off to save it from burnout.

The KitchenAid 2.1L food processor would struggle making one meals-worth of anything, but it performs well with larger quantities, especially if there's a hefty amount of liquid involved.

When it came to cleaning, the lid lifts off its hinge easily so the blades or discs can be removed safely. The oil feeder tube is very slim and hard to clean. It would be worth investing in a bottle cleaner for reaching the bottom, if it's something you'll use a lot.


The way the central stem has been designed means that the discs sit lower on the stem – perfect for easy storage. At £179, the 2.1L isn’t too badly priced. You’re paying in part for the KitchenAid brand name, but you also get a great-looking, smartly designed food processor that’s built to last.

KitchenAid 2.1L food processor specifications

Components: 2.1L bowl with hinged lid and two piece pusher, dough blade, multi-purpose blade, 2mm reversible thin slice blade, 4mm reversible medium slice disc, 6mm thick slice disk
Functions: chop, slice, shred, knead
Dimensions: H420 X W195 X D195mm
Wattage: 250W
Speed settings: two plus blitz
Bowl capacity: 2.1L

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