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IKOHS OSIT BIG blender with portable cup


● Attractive design
● Good blending performance
● Easy to store


● Struggles to blend seeds (this will only be a negative for some people)
● The wrist strap on the sports lid gets in the way during cleaning

Star rating: 4/5

Available from:
IKOHS (£33.95)

Amazon (£47.04)

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The OSIT produces beautifully even-textured smoothies, impressively quickly. This is quite remarkable, given the relatively low power output of its motor. We found it could blend fruit and veg of various types with ease. It doesn’t seem to catch small seeds, such as raspberry seeds, so do bear in mind that these will be present in your smoothies. (This tends to be the case with all but the highest-spec smoothie-makers, and in any case, many people enjoy the added texture.)

We’d venture that much of the OSIT’s success is down to the simplicity and focus of its design. It’s a very simple device to set up: you just connect the travel cup and the blade lid with your smoothie ingredients inside, then slot the bottom of the blade lid into the power base. With that done, operating the smoothie-maker is a matter of pressing the gigantic power button on the front of the power base. Using the machine is similarly straightforward.

Since all its components except the cup lid form a single tower, the OSIT is a particularly easy smoothie maker to store. Better still, the power cable can be wound around inside the base, which helps reduce the amount of trailing cable on the kitchen counter. The appliance has a neat, circular footprint, and an appealing, turn-of-the-millenium retro style.

IKOHS OSIT smoothie blender being tested with fruit

During blending, the sound the OSIT makes – a bit like a low growl – is not obtrusive at all. It scored highly against other smoothie-makers in this regard.

Our biggest frustration with the OSIT is that the strap on the bottle lid is difficult to remove. This means you’ll probably end up getting it wet every time you wash the bottle, until, inevitably, you get fed up with this and snip off the strap. Otherwise, it’s perfectly easy to keep clean. The only other, arguable, downside is that the OSIT doesn’t have many unexpected features. It has one job to do, and it does it very well. If you’re after bells and whistles, shop elsewhere.

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A useful aspect of the OSIT’s design is its travel cup, which is, in fact, two cups, one sliding over the other. Together, they create a tough vessel that bears up well to wear and tear. To test its soundness, we filled the cup and shook it hard over the sink, and no liquid leaked out.

The OSIT is light on packaging, although the UK plug adaptor is packaged separately. Its manual is formal and straightforward. There are no recipes, but what you do get is some specific guidance on how to use the appliance (e.g. 'Add the liquid of your choice up to the MAX line. (Liquid is required!)'. All-in-all, we found the instructions clear and useful.

Available from:
IKOHS (£33.95)

Amazon (£47.04)

IKOHS OSIT blender specifications:
Power: 250W
Blend capacity: 400ml
Blade type: 4-blade array
Weight: 1.9 kg

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