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Green Spot single pot still whiskey, 40% ABV

Star rating: 4.5/5

Green Spot is one of a family of Irish single pot still whiskies by Spot Whiskeys that hail back to a Dublin merchant, Mitchell & Sons.

Like many of their Victorian counterparts, Mitchell & Sons bought spirit from Dublin distilleries, kept it under bond and sold it under their own name. To keep track of how long the whiskey had been aged, a dab of paint was applied to the cask. Seven was blue, 10 was green, 12 was yellow and 15 was red.

While the others from this range faded out in time (although Yellow and Red Spot have been recently revived to great effect), Green Spot has been sold continuously since at least the name was trademarked in 1933, and probably a while earlier.

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Green Spot is a classic single pot still whiskey, lacking an age statement but believed to be comprised of seven-10 year old whiskies.

The colour is a pale gold, and the nose is light but rich. There's sweet barley, honey, apples and tropical fruit, some sherry notes, a vanilla creaminess and a little herbal counter-note.

On the palate, there's a pleasing viscosity. It stays creamy with vanilla, the apples joined by apricot and pear, spice tending towards cinnamon, a little mint from the herbal edge hedging slightly bitter and a lush malt sweetness.

This is a delightful introduction to single pot still whiskey, coming at the lower end of the price scale to its peers, without sacrificing either complexity or drinking pleasure along the way.

The perfect pour

There's enough going on that the Green Spot is best served as is, with a splash of water within reach.

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