El Rayo Plata tequila (40% ABV) summary

Smooth, modern tequila, made for a T&T (tequila and tonic). This bottle is the passion project of a couple of young Brits who fell in love with tequila and quit their day jobs for the cause. Smooth and herbaceous, tonic helps bring out the more complex and oily citrus notes of this impressive, peppery tequila.


What's the story behind El Rayo Plata tequila?

The history of tequila is packed with mythology. For example, the story goes that humans discovered the potential of agave when a bolt of lightning ('El Rayo') hit the piña of one of the plants, singeing the core and producing a milky, fermented substance. A local Aztec man drank it and became euphoric.

The tale behind the El Rayo brand is nearly as reckless – one night in Peckham, friends Tom and Jack were enjoying an añejo tequila that Tom’s brother had brought back from Mexico. They enjoyed it so much that they both quit their day jobs and headed to Guadalajara, Mexico.

The friends were intent on persuading Brits to rethink tequila – it should be drunk with tonic and ice, for example, instead of salt and lime. In fact, El Rayo sells a T&T gift box, complete with a 5cl bottle of the firm’s No.1 Plata and No.2 Reposado expressions, alongside four cans of Indian tonic water.

Tom and Jack worked with Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia to craft their ideal tequila. The goal was to combine a mix of highland (light, floral and full of citrus) and lowland (earthy and peppery) agave.

What does El Rayo Plata tequila taste like?

El Rayo Plata tequila is smooth and slick, like honey parted with oil. The palate is light and delicately balances waxy lemon peel against earthy mineral notes. Vegetal agave flavours wrap the whole thing up before heading into a peppery finish.

In terms of how to drink it, who are we to argue with the brains of the operation? It’s got to be a T&T. It works just the same as a G&T – the tonic helps to open up the myriad flavours in the spirit without overshadowing them. So however you make your G&T, just swap out the gin for tequila.

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