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Coco Chemistry chocolate subscription

Coco Chemistry Origin Chocolate Club review

Published: May 20, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Discover the world of single origin chocolate with a monthly chocolate subscription to Coco Chemistry's chocolate club. Read our full review below

Coco Chemistry gets its name from its two ex-chemist founders, who gave up corporate jobs to begin a chocolatier journey. Now with two shops in Wiltshire and Oxford, the extensive online shop includes chocolate slabs (including caramel and blonde chocolate), truffles, hot chocolate spoons and more.


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What is the Coco Chemistry chocolate subscription?

We tried the Origin Chocolate Club from Coco Chemistry – available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions at £40, £75 and £125 respectively. The monthly chocolate delivery includes an 85g bar of single origin chocolate, 3 truffles and tasting notes. Single origin chocolate is made from cocoa beans in a specific country, region or even plantation. The distinct climate, soil and harvesting of those beans offer a signature flavour profile, which is usually lost when different beans are blended together.

Coco Chemistry also have a monthly Fresh Flavour subscription for fresh truffles, starting at £25 a month for 15 truffles.

What was in our Origin Chocolate Club delivery?

Our delivery included an 85g bar of 70% Sao Tomé dark chocolate and 3 dark single origin ganache truffles. The packaging was minimal and recyclable. The delivery was certainly small compared to some of the other boxes bursting full of chocolate, but it doesn’t always have to be about quantity!

There was also a detailed card describing the history of each chocolate's location, as well as tasting notes and pairing suggestions. We particularly liked the handy key, showing where the bar fell on different flavour profiles: our dark bar got full marks for being bitter, with medium levels of fruity (with notes of apricot and citrus) and had no floral notes. The small bar is one to carefully savour as an intense after-dinner treat, along with the 3 small, but rich, ganache truffles, which are handcrafted in Wiltshire.


This was the smallest subscription we tried, so it's suited to someone who lives on their own – or just has a lot of restraint! The 3-month subscription works out at just over £13 per month, which for some may feel expensive for what you get, but it's arguably a good price for small-batch, single origin chocolate that's high-quality.

It's ideal for someone who doesn't like overly sweet chocolate, or who wants to learn more about the chocolate-making process.


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