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Bosch VitaMaxx vacuum blender MMBV625M


  • Achieves fantastically smooth drink consistency
  • Vacuum setting works well and is cleverly integrated
  • Great build quality


  • Noisy
  • Pulse mode for manual operation could be better implemented

Star rating: 4.5/5

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The Bosch Vitamaxx offers the smartest solution we’ve encountered for making smoothies with its in-built vacuum feature. It's not all about the deoxygenation, though. Further highlights include its excellent blending action and other quality components. Even though it’s not the easiest to store, this is surely one of the best smoothie-makers out there.

Setting up the VitaMaxx could’ve been tricky, given its relatively large inventory of accessories, LED symbols and markings. However, Bosch does a great job of explaining how to use the appliance through both the Quick Start Guide, which mercifully focuses on illustrations rather than words, and also through the intuitive design of the machine.

Overall, this is a perfectly easy smoothie-maker to use, despite its complexity. Even if you do make certain mistakes, such as trying to activate the VitaMaxx without the jug attached, the machine flashes up an LED symbol instructing you to refer back to the manual.

One downside to the VitaMaxx is that it’s pretty noisy, but this stands to reason as it generates the power needed to make top-notch smoothies. We used it to produce a tasty drink with raspberries, blackberries, banana, peach, mint and orange juice, and found it cut through all the ingredients with ease. Most of the berry seeds were fully whizzed up into the smoothie, which was quite a rarity in our testing of a range of smoothie-makers.

A key selling point of the VitaMaxx is its in-built vacuum functionality with what looks like a shower head that arcs over the appliance. Using this feature is a cinch: just close the head over the top of the ingredient-filled blending jug, then press the vacuum button and wait for the oxygen to get sucked out of the smoothie. With this done, you can make a slightly smoother and more vibrant drink.

This isn't an easy smoothie-maker to store, owing to its wealth of accessories. However, given that two of these are actually storage bowls, which can be used to keep smoothies fresh, we’d venture that the VitaMixx contributes to the orderliness of a kitchen about as much as it takes away from it.

Bosch Vitamixx smoothie maker being tested

The base unit has a relatively large footprint, but considering this smoothie-maker’s smart finishing and interesting form, we expect plenty of people would be happy to have it take pride of place in their kitchen. The quality of components included with the VitaMaxx is generally very high. The base unit seems particularly stout, whereas the to-go cup is lightweight and drip-free.

Cleaning the VitaMaxx proved perfectly simple, although we would urge buyers to mind their fingers while washing the main mixing jug: its blades are sharp, and two of them point upwards. The packaging used with the VitaMaxx is largely recyclable and reasonable in extent, aside from a needless marketing tag on the jug, which would make sense in-store, but not with a product that’s already been boxed and shipped to a customer.

Power: 1000W
Blend capacity: 1.5l
Blade type: 4-blade array
Weight: 6.09 kg

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