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Apple pie with slice taken out

Apple pie recipes

15 Recipes

Serve a slice of apple pie for a comforting, crowd-pleasing pudding. Our recipes include traditional Bramley apple pie and variations with other fruit.


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  • Deep-filled Bramley apple pie

    Deep-filled Bramley apple pie

    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.17 ratings

    Warm apple pie is a seasonal delight. This hearty version will happily feed a crowd

  • Apple pie samosas

    Apple pie samosas

    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.26 ratings

    These hand-held puds are a great low-fat alternative to apple pie, and are bound to be a big hit with a crowd

  • Spiced apple pie

    Spiced apple pie

    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.13 ratings

    Never heard ‘it’s as Nepalese as apple pie’? Try this classic with a twist and you’ll be converted

  • Apple & almond crumble pie with the first slice cut out

    Apple & almond crumble pie

    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.6 ratings

    Combine fruit pie with apple crumble to get the best of both – a warming dessert that slices neatly and delivers two textures of pastry

  • Apple pie

    Easy apple pie

    A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.20 ratings

    Kids will love to help make and eat this comforting, classic fruity pudding with homemade shortcrust pastry

  • Gales blackberry & apple pie

    Blackberry & apple pie

    A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.7 ratings

    Use up seasonal fruit and bake up a satisfying blackberry and apple pie. This classic dessert recipe is perfect for an autumnal family treat.

  • Patchwork orchard pie

    Patchwork orchard pie

    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.5 ratings

    Serve this lattice-topped, shortcrust pasty warm with custard - if you don't have quinces make up the weight with apples or pears

  • Apple & ginger pie with walnut pastry

    Apple & ginger pie with walnut pastry

    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.2 ratings

    Grind up nuts to work into a crispy, shortcrust pastry then bake a countryside fruit pie with ginger and sultanas

  • Bramley & blackberry pie

    Bramley & blackberry pie

    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.5 ratings

    Make the most of scrumptious seasonal fruit in this apple and blackberry pie, topped with our ultimate sweet shortcrust pastry

  • Lighter apple & pear pie

    Lighter apple & pear pie

    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.3 ratings

    Try a low fat version of this family favourite. Filo pastry is light and crispy, and bulk out the filling with pears

  • An apple & strawberry pie placed on a chopping board

    Halloween apple & strawberry pie

    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.4 ratings

    Make this fruity pie as a Halloween treat. Puff pastry is filled with strawberry jam and apple then decorated with icing eyes for an Egyptian 'mummy' effect

  • A baking tray serving 5 spiced apple & blackberry hand pies

    Spiced apple & blackberry hand pies

    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.8 ratings

    Bring autumn into your kitchen with these delicious apple and blackberry pies. Sprinkle with sugar and serve with custard for the ultimate comfort food

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