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Muffin tin advent calendar

How to make a muffin tin Advent calendar


Let your children decorate their own Advent Calendar this year, using a mini muffin tin, coloured card, and your choice of daily treats...

You will need...

- 24-hole mini muffin tin


- Drill (optional)

- 6 x A4 sheets of sturdy card in various colours (or use white card and paint it yourself)

- Gifts for each day - they need to be small enough to fit in the mini muffin holes (we used Lindt mini pralines and sweets, such as individually wrapped fudge and Turkish delight)

- Double-sided sticky tape or glue dots

- Ribbon, for hanging (optional)

To make your calendar...

1) If you want to string your Advent Calendar from a wall, drill a hole in one end of the tin.

2) Cut the card into 24 circles, big enough to just cover the holes of the muffin tin. Use pens, paint or cut-out coloured paper to decorate the circles with the numbers 1-24. Use a little tape or a glue dot to secure a gift in each hole - wrap the gifts in foil or tissue paper if not already covered. Use a little more sticky tape to secure the numbers over the holes, in a random order. If hanging from a wall, tie a ribbon through the drilled hole in the top of the tin.

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Are you making your own Advent Calendar this year? Tell us what your making in the comments below...

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