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The BBC Good Food Health Podcast – Tai Ibitoye and Anjanee Kohli

Tracey sits down with dietitians Tai Ibitoye and Anjanee Kohli for a conversation about fostering cultural inclusivity within healthy eating guidelines.

This week, Tracey is joined by registered dietitians Tai Ibitoye and Anjanee Kohli for a discussion about how we can do better when it comes to fostering culutural inclusivity within our healthy eating guidelines.


Together, they’ll be exploring the massive impact that underrepresentation can have on the health of our communities, as well as what can be done to open up the narrative and create guidelines that speak for us all.

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Bonus cookalongs

Prawn fried rice

Choleh bhatureh ‘naan’

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Tai Ibitoye is a registered dietitian and doctoral researcher in food and nutritional sciences. Tai has experience working in different sectors, such as in the NHS, public health, non-government organisations and academia. Tai specialises in nutrition support, public health nutrition and weight management. Tai also has a keen interest in women’s health and the nutritional status of minority ethnic groups. Tai likes exploring her creative side and entwining this with her knowledge in research and nutrition to create infographics. She posts these on her Instagram, @taitalksnutrition. The main aims of her Instagram are to debunk common myths and misconceptions on diet and nutrition, share evidence-based nutrition information, provide public health advice and shed some light on her research which can be translated into practice.

Anjanee currently works as a paediatric dietitian within the NHS, aiding children with management of allergies, autism, faltering growth and enteral feeding, alongside other conditions. She aids her patients to manage their condition(s) by interpreting the current evidence-base and combining this with her communication skills to deliver dietetic advice. Alongside this, she shares information by writing on a freelance basis for online magazines, blog posts and on her Instagram account. She uses social media to share witty written and video content about general nutrition and to combat common nutrition-related myths which are often shared via social media. This has been well received by her followers. She also uses her account to express her love of cooking, by sharing dishes that she enjoys including traditional Punjabi dishes. The main aim of this is to share her mother’s dishes so that traditional Punjabi cooking methods live on through first-generation immigrant children in Western countries, and show that traditional foods do not need to be excluded in the pursuit of a ‘healthy’ diet. Anjanee also has a keen interest in understanding different cultures and how they can shape our diets, and having conversations within diversity and how it can impact our everyday lives.


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