Daniel O'Shaughnessy

The BBC Good Food Health podcast – Daniel O’Shaughnessy

Tracey Raye talks to nutritionist and certified functional medicine practitioner Daniel O'Shaughnessy about nutrition within the LGBTQ+ community.

What is LGBTQ+ nutrition and why is it important? We’re speaking to award-winning nutritionist and certified functional medicine practitioner Daniel O’Shaughnessy about the unique health and nutrition challenges faced within this community and what can be done to support these needs.


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Moroccan-style pomegranate & roast veg salad

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Daniel is an award-winning nutritionist with over 10 years of clinical experience. Daniel discovered nutrition through suffering from some personal nutritional issues, including acne and fatigue. Through genetic and functional testing, he was able to understand factors that helped alleviate his symptoms, giving him more energy and a full understanding of how he was meant to function. Daniel is based in London and works with clients online across the world. Daniel has a specialist interest in LGBTQ+ nutrition and is the author of Naked Nutrition, an LGBTQ+ guide to diet and lifestyle.


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