How do I access the BBC Good Food magazine iPad edition if I'm a current subscriber to the magazine?

As a subscriber to the print edition of BBC Good Food magazine, you were previously able to enjoy accessing and downloading digital editions of the magazine on the app for free, as part of a trial.


Unfortunately, that trial has come to an end and we are no longer able to provide access free of charge. We hope you have enjoyed this taster of the digital experience and now have a feel for how these exciting devices can add to the BBC Good Food magazine reading experience.

I have updated my app but cannot see my previous purchases

In order to see your previous purchases simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner and then select Restore All Purchases, then enter your Apple password to confirm.

I have just subscribed to the digital edition via, how do I access my subscription?

Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store and opened it up, you can log-in by tapping the Sign In button in the top left hand corner of the app. You need to log-in using your email address and password you provided when purchasing the subscription at If you have forgotten your password you can remind yourself here:

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I have just subscribed to the digital edition via iTunes, but can't log-in, what do I do?

If you bought your subscription via iTunes, you do not need to manually log-in to the app, this option is for those who have bought a subscription outside of iTunes via

As new issues are published you should be able to download them automatically as long as they are published within your subscription period. Back issues are not included in your subscription; you have subscribed to receive the issues published within your subscription period. Back issues are available to buy individually in the 'Store' section of the app.

I'm not a subscriber, can I still purchase the issues as and when they become available?

The BBC Good Food magazine app is free for everyone to download. To download single issues within the app as and when they become available you just pay £2.99 per issue.

Double check you have an active internet connection and ensure you have the latest operating system installed, as it is likely that this could be affecting the performance of your device - you can download the latest version from iTunes.

Alternatively, if you are running off the latest software try uninstalling the app and re-installing it, or deleting the issue and attempting to download it again.

You could also try closing all other opened apps as they may be slowing the performance of your iPad.

If you are still experiencing problems email us at and describe the location of the broken link or download problem (or quote the text, issue and page number if featured in the magazine).

Will I be charged twice if I delete or lose an issue and re-install it?

No. Any previous purchases you have made will be recorded in your purchase history so Apple will know that you have already bought the issue and therefore you will never be charged twice for the same issue. The app itself is free to download.

Does the app support iOS5?

No. Since our update in July 2014 future issues will not support this operating system. To ensure you can view future issues please update to the latest operating system.

Why isn't there a 'print' option within the digital edition for shopping lists and recipes?

We have no present plans to develop a 'print' function as we're finding that people are enjoying the ease of being able to email recipes and shopping lists to their mobile phones for use elsewhere or for shopping in supermarkets. Plus, it's so simple to print information from your email account that there's not much need for this function within the app as well.

Once I have finished with an issue, how do I delete it from my iPad to save space?

Simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Remove Issues from iPad. Then select the issue you would like to remove

I can’t use the Search function?

Following our latest update the Search function will unfortunately no longer work. We will continue to review this and hope to be able to include in future versions.

Where are my bookmarks?

Following our latest update current bookmarks will be lost from previous issues however users will still be able to use favourite recipes in the new app.


If you have a comment or suggestion about the Good Food iPad App, or a query that isn't covered in the frequently asked questions above, please email

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