Good Food magazine iPad and iPhone app FAQ

    Below you'll find answers to common questions about BBC Good Food magazine for the iPad and iPhone.

    Good Food magazine iPad and iPhone app FAQ

    How do I access the BBC Good Food magazine iPad edition if I'm a current subscriber to the magazine? 

    As a subscriber to the print edition of BBC Good Food magazine, you were previously able to enjoy accessing and downloading digital editions of the magazine on the app for free, as part of a trial.

    Unfortunately, that trial has come to an end and we are no longer able to provide access free of charge. We hope you have enjoyed this taster of the digital experience and now have a feel for how these exciting devices can add to the BBC Good Food magazine reading experience.

    I have updated my app but cannot see my previous purchases

    In order to see your previous purchases simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner and then select Restore All Purchases, then enter your Apple password to confirm.

    I have just subscribed to the digital edition via, how do I access my subscription?

    Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store and opened it up, you can log-in by tapping the Sign In button in the top left hand corner of the app. You need to log-in using your email address and password you provided when purchasing the subscription at If you have forgotten your password you can remind yourself here:

    I have just subscribed to the digital edition via iTunes, but can't log-in, what do I do?

    If you bought your subscription via iTunes, you do not need to manually log-in to the app, this option is for those who have bought a subscription outside of iTunes via

    As new issues are published you should be able to download them automatically as long as they are published within your subscription period. Back issues are not included in your subscription; you have subscribed to receive the issues published within your subscription period. Back issues are available to buy individually in the 'Store' section of the app.

    I'm not a subscriber, can I still purchase the issues as and when they become available?

    The BBC Good Food magazine app is free for everyone to download. To download single issues within the app as and when they become available you just pay £2.99 per issue.

    Problems with links and downloads?

    Double check you have an active internet connection and ensure you have the latest operating system installed, as it is likely that this could be affecting the performance of your device - you can download the latest version from iTunes.

    Alternatively, if you are running off the latest software try uninstalling the app and re-installing it, or deleting the issue and attempting to download it again.

    You could also try closing all other opened apps as they may be slowing the performance of your iPad.

    If you are still experiencing problems email us at  and describe the location of the broken link or download problem (or quote the text, issue and page number if featured in the magazine).

    Will I be charged twice if I delete or lose an issue and re-install it?

    No. Any previous purchases you have made will be recorded in your purchase history so Apple will know that you have already bought the issue and therefore you will never be charged twice for the same issue. The app itself is free to download.

    Does the app support iOS5?

    No. Since our update in July 2014 future issues will not support this operating system. To ensure you can view future issues please update to the latest operating system.

    Why isn't there a 'print' option within the digital edition for shopping lists and recipes?

    We have no present plans to develop a 'print' function as we're finding that people are enjoying the ease of being able to email recipes and shopping lists to their mobile phones for use elsewhere or for shopping in supermarkets. Plus, it's so simple to print information from your email account that there's not much need for this function within the app as well.

    Once I have finished with an issue, how do I delete it from my iPad to save space?

    Simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Remove Issues from iPad. Then select the issue you would like to remove

    I can’t use the Search function?

    Following our latest update the Search function will unfortunately no longer work. We will continue to review this and hope to be able to include in future versions.

    Where are my bookmarks?

    Following our latest update current bookmarks will be lost from previous issues however users will still be able to use favourite recipes in the new app.

    If you have a comment or suggestion about the Good Food iPad App, or a query that isn't covered in the frequently asked questions above, please email

    Comments, questions and tips

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    21st Jan, 2019
    Still waiting for the search and favourites function to come back. I am also not able to bookmark anything.. have subscribed for many years but cannot find any favourite recipes now that I cannot tag them. So many customers have asked....and I am asking yet again-bring the favourites function back please
    23rd Nov, 2017
    Please give us back the old app. This one is full of bugs, doesn’t always completely download the edition for use offline, and it is horrible to navigate. I’m not sure I can renew my subscription if this mess isn’t sorted out.
    30th Aug, 2016
    Been with you for seven years, new iPad and can't find your app so can't use. Help
    23rd May, 2015
    I am certainly glad I read this discussion. I was browsing the site, thought I should send out some gift subscriptions, then remembered my cooking friend had an iPad. A good one. So I had thought of sending her a digital subscription. After reading this nonsense, I have returned to my senses. Apple has no business trying to lock down hardware and digital content at the same time. In this case, a picture is not worth a thousand words. Subscriptions are necessary. But what you pay for is the ability to have things like bookmarks, and text searching. Your web site can control access to those modern features, and charge money for it. You don't need Apple, or hardware lock-in. You need to stick to universal web standards and keep a good eye on content. Forget the app store(s). Sell what you do best. Remember that currently, you are giving a lot of content away for free. Make the web site sell the magazine, and don't give it away. The poor digital subscriber can't even do what I can do with my browser, or Google: bookmark, and search text. Your web site is giving your content away just for the questionable connection to Google. You have chained yourselves into bed with Apple, Google, and probably Adobe too.
    29th Mar, 2015
    I can only advise potential subscribers not to bother to take out a subscription. As others have already explained the new app has removed many of the really excellent features the firmer app offered. I also lost years of linked and nicely sorted favourites! The final straw for me has been that i am now no longer able to send the recipe per email. It only shows the link and you are sent to the app store to purchase the app... I will for sure not be renewing my subscription and will no longer recommend the online version to any of my friends. BBC will be losing a customer of many,many years as I now live outside the UK. Seems they don't care.
    17th Mar, 2015
    Wonderful great going, I love your try and lookng forward for more apps from your side. I am a regular visitor of this site and by now have suggested many people about apps .I think I am in love with android,iPhone apps Monopoly Games For Android
    12th Mar, 2015
    This is great! Thank you for sharing this. It is such a good magazine cover. I hope the apps will work well on Ipad and Iphone. Hope to see more magazine cover here. - buy soundcloud plays
    28th Feb, 2015
    I have an iPhone 6 - I cannot come close to describing how frustrating it is not being able to search for a recipe I have seen on the website on the app ...
    2nd Feb, 2015
    I hope this apps is good and functionable Datpiff Packages
    24th Jan, 2015
    I find it incredible that there is no search function in this app. I have over 60 editions in my collection and, following the recent 'upgrade' I have lost all my favourites. How on earth am I to find a specific recipe? Memorise them all perhaps? I am ready to pack it in and find pastures new as, from reading some of the other comments and questions, 'good food' don't care! Meh!


    17th Oct, 2016
    I have a new iPad and can't seem to open the BBC food magazine app on it, I've subscribed for at least a year now.
    goodfoodteam's picture
    31st Oct, 2016
    We're very sorry to hear you can't open the app. Please send this query via email to the and we'll look into this for you. Many thanks.
    5th Jan, 2015
    1) I can't see a December edition of the magazine on my app - was there one? 2) trying to download the January edition and it's just showing preview or subscribe buttons not download - have tried logging out and back in, but nothing - frustrated!
    20th Dec, 2014
    Where is the dec edition of the magazine?
    18th Dec, 2014
    Hi guys, when is the new issue available for download?
    5th Sep, 2014
    When can we have the old App back permanently? As you can see from the comments, the new one is a flop. Why not ask the people who use the app what they want?
    19th Jul, 2014
    Is there any way to reverse the "update" ?
    3rd May, 2014
    I have purchased a subscription and use it on my ipad but would like to be able to access it from my PC. How do I do that?
    16th Jul, 2014
    Please bring the search function back asap as it was the most useful function of all