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Cake bauble bunting

How to make Christmas cake bauble bunting


If you’re not much of a cake decorator but want to add something dramatic to the top of your Christmas cake, here’s the answer!

You will need...

- 6 mini baubles


- White paint pen or Tipp-Ex pen

- 2 paper straws, any colours you like

- 2 sturdy wooden skewers

To make your bunting...

  1. Put the baubles on a firm surface and use the paint pen or Tipp-Ex to write three Hs and three Os (to spell ‘HO HO HO’) across the baubles. Leave to dry.
  2. Cut a length of string 40cm long. Tie the baubles along the length of the string, leaving a 2cm gap between each, and enough string either end to tie up the bunting. Snip a line 0.5cm into the end of each straw, then insert the string. Attach another piece of string to the end of each straw and tie in a bow.

  3. To decorate your cake, insert the skewers, sharp end down, into the cake, until about 10cm protrudes from the top. Put the straws, and attached bunting, over the top of the skewers, pressing down gently into the cake.


Try using this bauble bunting to top our Suits-all Christmas cake, iced up to the end of step 2 in the Classic iced holly cake recipe.

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