Crisp on the outside, soft and cloud-like on the inside, there's no beating perfectly made meringue topped with fruit, or nuts and seasonal sweet treats. Pavlova is the ultimate dinner party dessert. Although it has a daunting reputation, you only need a handful of ingredients, combined in a few steps to create something that will wow your dinner guests. Just remember to take your time and bake low and slow to achieve the ideal meringue base.


Although often considered a summer dessert, we have a range of recipes for every season. Try a Black Forest-inspired chocolate and cherry twist, or a fun wreath design for a Christmassy centrepiece.

If these majestic meringues aren't enough, browse more pavlova recipes in our ultimate collection.

Check out our video and learn how to make the perfect pavlova:

1. Cherry chocolate pavlova

Chocolate pavlova with cream and cherries

Our cherry chocolate pavlova is a nod to the traditional Black Forest gateau, with a generous spread of cherry compote, cream and fresh fruit. The white wine vinegar in the meringue mix will ensure it's stable and the cornflour will give you that all-important chewy centre. Make the meringue up to two days ahead of time if you're catering for a crowd and want more time with your guests.

2. Hazelnut & Baileys meringue cake

Hazelnut meringue with cream and raspberries

This irresistible combination of sweet, nutty meringue, glossy cream and tart raspberries is an instant win. We guarantee there won't be leftovers. Try our hazelnut & Baileys meringue with your choice of tangy berries. If it cracks and crumbles don't worry, just break your meringues into a bowl with cream and fruit for a twist on the classic Eton mess.

3. Raspberry ripple pavlova

Pavlova with raspberry ripple and fresh raspberries on top

Pop a much-loved ice cream turned semifreddo on top of your meringue for a fun dessert that tastes as good as it looks. Our raspberry ripple pavlova is a little more effort but trust us, it's worth it. Finish off with a scattering of fresh raspberries and prepare for it to be devoured in minutes.

4. Pineapple & ginger pavlova

Pavlova with cream and grilled pineapple

Pile silky ginger-laced cream and griddled pineapple onto your marvellous meringue for a showstopping dinner party centrepiece. The sweetness of the tropical fruit and warming ginger spices are a match made in heaven. Our easy pineapple & ginger pavlova really looks the part but doesn't require masterful chef skills.

5. Apricot & pistachio pavlova

Pavlova with apricot slices and pistachios

This dazzling pavlova is creamy, dreamy and overflowing with juicy apricots and crunchy pistachios. Serve with extra apricot purée for a burst of even more fruity flavour. Whip the cream until it's soft and billowy, then pile on your toppings in a relaxed style and finish with a dusting of icing sugar.

6. Clementine, cranberry & pistachio meringue wreath

Clementine meringue wreath with nuts

Conveniently arranged into portions, this merinuge wreath is ideal for a Christmas dinner party and sings with seasonal flavours. Decorate each piece with a clementine slice, a drizzle of cranberry sauce and a sprinkling of pistachios just before serving. We're sure it'll become a staple on your Christmas menu for years to come.

7. Chocolate & walnut pavlova with madeira & tangerines

Chocolate meringue stack with cream and clementines

Our chocolate & walnut pavlova proves meringues aren't just for summer. Rich dark chocolate rippled through your merinuges pairs perfectly with nuts, madeira-spiked cream and zesty tangerines. This treat is the best of both worlds, sweet chocolate and light fruit in one delicious package.

8. Amaretto meringue cake with strawberries & cherries

Meringue stack with cream, strawberries and cherries

Stack your meringues high for our Amaretto meringue cake with strawberries & cherries. Guests will be dazzled by this lofty pudding at your next dinner party – and you can feed many with it. Be sure to save the best-looking fruit for the top and use any squashed berries in the sandwich layers.

9. Cherry, rose & pistachio pavlova traybake

Pavlova with cherries, cream and flower petals

Our cherry, rose & pistachio pavlova traybake is picture-perfect and a delicious balance of light floral flavours, sharp fruit and sweet meringue. Take this retro dessert to the next level with a scattering of edible flowers and plenty of fruit and nuts for added texture (there should be plenty of those hanging around at Christmas). The coconut yogurt adds a silky lightness to the cream for even more indulgence.

10. Strawberry pavlova

Pavlova with strawberries and cream

Don't let a perfectly ripe punnet of summer strawberries go to waste, showcase them in our classic strawberry pavlova. No need to panic over cracks and crumbly sections, whipped cream hides a multitude of sins. Even for meringue novices, this is an acheivable masterpiece.

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