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BBC Good Food masterclass online – Cheese

Learn how to put together a seasonal cheeseboard, what to look for when buying cheese and how to cook with cheese, plus discover expert tasting tips

Increase your enjoyment of cheese with this fascinating online masterclass. Discover what to look for when buying cheese and how to taste it properly. Find new favourites and learn how to put together a cheeseboard for summer dining with this online masterclass in association with the experts at the Academy of Cheese.


Join our online masterclass on Wednesday, 23 June at 6pm and find out how to select, pair and cook with cheese for your everyday needs or a special occasion. Tickets are £10.

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What’s in the masterclass?

This hour-long webcast will help you understand and develop your enjoyment of cheese, from learning how it’s made, to understanding how to pick the best cheeses for your tastes, followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

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On Wednesday, 23 June at 6pm, Sam Wilkin – cheese expert and trainer at the Academy of Cheese – and BBC Good Food’s group magazine editor and cheese enthusiast Keith Kendrick will enhance your knowledge of cheese immeasurably, guiding you through the complex flavours and aromas that makes each one unique. You will be introduced to some stunning British artisan cheeses and discover tips on everything from wine and cheese pairings, how to store it and the best varieties for summer picnics and outdoor parties.

They’ll be tasting and discussing four different styles of cheese, which you can find in cheesemongers if you’d like to taste along:

Fresh cheeses

Examples include: Yorkshire Fettle, goat’s curd, mozzarella

Cheeses with additives

Examples include: Quicke’s elderflower cheddar, truffle gloucester, cornish gouda with cumin


Examples include: Appleby’s Cheshire, Kirkham’s Lancashire, Old Roan Wensleydale

Blue (soft)

Examples include: Beauvale, Burt’s Blue and Perl Las

After the presentation, a recording will be made available to all registered attendees to re-watch up to 10 times – a link will be sent to you by email within 72 hours of the event.

Want to get a head start?

Download the Academy of Cheese flavour wheel and get introduced to five simple flavours that will help you with your tasting knowledge.


  • How cheese is made, the different styles of cheese and how to store it
  • How to taste cheese
  • How to create a perfect summer cheeseboard
  • The best British cheeses to cook with
  • 30-minute Q&A

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