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Top 6 foods to try in Ibiza


Our guide to must-eat foods in Ibiza, including spicy paella, a hearty sausage dish and decadent Spanish cheesecake. Best enjoyed on sandy beaches.

Away from the nightlife Ibiza offers glorious, unspoilt countryside, rustic beaches and glittering turquoise seas. Try our selection of the island's best dishes, including fresh seafood, meats grilled al fresco, pastries and homegrown fruits and vegetables.


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1) Paella

seafood paella in a pan on a woven placemat

Best eaten beachside, this saffron-scented rice is usually packed with local seafood. It’s so popular that there’s even a paella home delivery service on the island.

For more inspiration, see our paella collection.

2) Sofrit pagès

Chicken, lamb, butifarra and sobrasada sausages cooked with potatoes and garlic – a typical Ibizan dish.

3) Aïoli

aioli in white bowl with cloves of garlic

You’ll find this garlicky mayonnaise served with bread at the start of many meals.

To try this at home, have a look at our aïoli recipe.

4) Greixonera

Leftover ensaïmadas are made into a lemon- and cinnamon-scented dessert similar to a bread & butter pudding.

5) Flaó

slice of flaó in grey plate with mint leaves

Ibiza’s version of a baked cheesecake. Drier in texture and a little more like a pie, it's usually flavoured with mint and mild aniseed.

6) Hierbas ibicencas

For the adults – this is an aniseedy, herby alcoholic drink served over ice or as a shot. Try frigola, a liquer distilled with wild thyme, too.

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