10 tips for next level spaghetti carbonara

Despite having few ingredients, spaghetti carbonara takes a bit of skill to make. See our 10 tips on how to cook the best version of this classic pasta dish.


We’ve devised a recipe that makes the absolute most of spaghetti carbonara and it sticks close to tradition. Rather than using double cream like more modern versions, the pasta is coated in a thin, hollandaise-type sauce made using egg yolks, with crisp pancetta and lots of black pepper. For extra richness, an egg yolk can be mixed in just before serving.


We’ve only used yolks in this recipe because egg whites can become streaky and slimy when undercooked – and all the cooking of the eggs should be done using the residual heat from the pasta. The yolks will start to thicken at around 65C, but be careful not to go much higher or they will scramble. Also, to avoid a clumpy sauce, we recommend that you don’t mix the yolks and parmesan together, before adding to the pasta, as the mixture will seize.

Carbonara is one of the most speedy and comforting dishes around, but it needs to be made at the last-minute, so have all ingredients ready to hand before getting started. When finished, you will also need to plate up the dish straight away, in warm bowls, as it loses heat very quickly.

See the full spaghetti carbonara recipe and find more tips in our guide on how to make next level spaghetti carbonara.


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