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Smoked salt

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Smoked salt is a great storecupboard ingredient to add extra flavour to your cooking. Discover how to buy the best, plus tips for storing and using smoked salt.

Smoked salt is created when rock salt or sea salt are smoked over a wood fire. The salt is either hot or cold smoked but both methods impart a rich smoky flavour and aroma.



Most large supermarkets stock smoked salt all year round, or it can be purchased from specialist food shops and online.

Choose the best

If you want just a subtle hint of smoke try using a cold-smoked sea salt, or for a stronger flavour try the hot-smoked variety.

Store it

Store as you would normal salt, in a salt shaker, ceramic salt pig or food container.


Cook it

Sprinkle over griddled meat and vegetables to add a richer, wood-smoked flavour or try using as a rub for meat or fish before barbecuing.