Fleur de sel on spoon and in cup

Fleur de sel/ Flor de sal

| fl-uh-r duh sel |

These large crystals of sea salt are used to finish fish, meat and vegetables. Learn more about how fleur de sel is harvested and how it can be used.

Fleur de sel (French) or Flor de sal (Spanish and Catalan) literally translates as ‘flower of salt’. It’s a flaky, hand-harvested sea salt with large crystals, usually formed by evaporating seawater and skimming off the top crust. Usually subtly pink or grey in colour due to the mineral content of the region it’s made in, Fleur de sel is also available with rose petals or herbs.



Find fleur de sel/flor de sal at most major supermarkets or online.

Store it

Store in a cool, dry place.


Cook it

Fleur de sel is used as a finishing salt as it adds crunch and brings out the depth of natural flavours in fish, vegetables and meat. Use it in a salt mill, or serve in a small dish to scatter over food.