Bonnie Chung

I started Miso Tasty 6 years ago, driven by my huge passion for cooking with miso. It's my absolute favourite ingredient and I want the whole world to appreciate it for all its deep flavours and incredible heritage. Miso is much more complex than most people realise; like cheese and wine there are different fermentation periods, different ingredients and blends and  regional differences that make a whole range of hundreds of different types of miso with a broad spectrum of flavours from sweet and custard-like to dark, deeply umami and tangy flavour that look like chocolate but tastes like a rich soy sauce. 

Miso Tasty is now stocked in over 2000 locations in the UK. My team are based in Hackney, East London, and our miso is all made in Japan. As the business has grown, we have expanded our product range for our customer who loves to cook Japanese food at home; our range now also includes miso soups, ramen and udon noodle kits and our Ultimate Katsu Curry Kit will be launching in November 2019. 

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