Tom Kerridge

    Best bites from the British food champion and pub owner, Tom Kerridge.



    Tom Kerridge in his own words... 

    " If you could only eat one again, would it be crisps or chips?

    Neither because I’m not doing carbs at the minute, but if I was it would definitely, definitely be chips!

    Sunday lunch or Friday curry?

    *bellows* SUNDAY LUNCH! Sunday luuuunch!

    Croissant or full English?

    Full English! Absolutely!

    Bacon sandwich or beans on toast?

    Bacon sandwich. A place without bacon is a really bad place.

    What’s the ultimate way to cook toast?

    On a stick in front of a campfire.

    When did you last eat a kebab?

    A long time ago. From a proper greasy kebab van? About three years ago. But actually I had one last year from a place in Shepherd's Bush and it was amazing.

    What’s your favourite cookbook?

    Marco Pierre White’s 'White Heat', without a shadow of a doubt. Without that book I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    Tomatoes or onions?


    What would you order from a cocktail menu?

    A non-alcoholic lime and soda as I don’t drink at the minute.

    What’s the best birthday cake you’ve ever had?

    A fridge cake that was made for me for my 40th by my good mate Nicky. She never cooks anything but she melted down a load of Maltesers and Mars Bars, stuck them together and put them in the fridge."

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