There’s no better feeling than getting home after a hard day's work knowing that dinner is already sorted. And with a Gousto recipe box, you can create tasty, adventurous meals, whatever your skill level.


For a limited time only, new Gousto customers can now also get 65% off their first box, with 25% off all boxes for the following two months. Is it any wonder we awarded it the best overall recipe box in our best recipe boxes test?

Ordering is simple – just choose two to four meals each week from a selection of over 75 recipes, pick your delivery day and your box will be delivered straight to your door. Whether you’d like a box weekly, fortnightly or monthly, Gousto’s subscription is flexible, meaning you can pause, skip or restart your box at a time that suits you.

Not only is Gousto the UK's best-value recipe box, housed inside their big red recipe boxes is something special. All the meat and poultry is 100% British (where possible), which allows Gousto to support local farmers and limit the distance your food travels from farm to fork. All fish and seafood is responsibly sourced and you can count on Gousto to ensure all vegetables are seasonal, varied and fresh.

Gousto doesn’t want anyone to miss out, and plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free recipes are in abundance. Whatever your dietary requirement, Gousto has something for you.

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Whether you’re looking for something that makes meal planning easier, you’ve made the commitment to eat more healthily, or you want to reduce your food waste, a Gousto recipe box does it all.

Easy meal planning

As a leading recipe box for choice, with over 75 recipes on the menu each week, Gousto gives you everything you need to make tasty and convenient meals without the hassle of planning or heading to the supermarket.

Whether you’re creative in the kitchen, enjoy cooking with new ingredients or simply looking for some inspiration, Gousto makes mealtimes more exciting. Discover new flavours, produce and ways of cooking, with over 40 world cuisines on offer. Check out the recipe card included for details of where in the world each recipe has hailed from.

Each week, the 75+ recipes include everything from timeless classics, customer favourites and new culinary creations. Some may find a vast menu of delicious dishes a little overwhelming, so you can easily filter the recipes. If you’re looking for a staple dish like a cheeseburger or fajitas, choose Everyday Favourites. 10-Minute Meals is ideal for dishes in a flash. Or, if you’re intrigued by the Gousto chef’s newest offerings, click on New and Limited Edition.

With a recipe book spanning the globe, there are thousands of potential meal combinations to create each week. Gousto caters to all tastes and dietary requirements, and a third of the recipes on the menu are customisable, so, if you’re trying to be conscious about your calorie consumption, looking to cut down on meat, or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, swap the protein for either leaner meat or a veggie/vegan option, and create a menu tailored to you.

Whether it’s a special evening in, you’re celebrating, or you feel you deserve an extra treat, with Gousto you can level up dinner time with some delicious extras. Choose from additional sides, snacks, wine pairings and much more from the Gousto Market.

Choose from over 75 delicious recipes and get 65% off your first order

Mushroom Steaks with Smoky Chimichurri

Eating healthier

Of the 75 weekly recipes available from Gousto, more than half are made up of healthy choices. So, if you’re looking to eat healthier, get more greens into your diet or are tracking your macros, a Gousto recipe box allows you to stay on course.

Did you know that all Gousto recipes include at least one of your five-a-day? And two-thirds serve up to two or more. That’s healthy eating, delivered.

As standard, all Gousto recipes are tried, tested and developed by expert chefs and a qualified in-house dietician who works out the nutritional information and calories of each dish. This means you can rest easy in the evenings, knowing you’re cooking delicious, nutritious and portion-controlled dinners, using the freshest ingredients.

Vegan, vegetarian, dairy- or gluten-free, Gousto caters for all dietary requirements. Simply use the filters at the top of the recipes list to choose delicious dishes for you.

Gousto offers three healthy ranges on the ever-rotating menu: Calorie Controlled, Lighter and Joe Wicks’ Picks.

  • Calorie Controlled: Every recipe contains under 600 calories and has less than 10g of saturated fat, that includes the oil, butter and salt added at home. You’ll also find two visible veg portions in each of these dishes. Try Easy Mushroom Risotto With Crispy Bacon and Salmon With Spicy Stir-Fried Greens, and much more.
  • Lighter: A lighter twist on classics, these dishes are at least 30% lower in calories and/or fat than the original recipe. Enjoy crowd-pleasers like Lighter Mediterranean Lasagne and Lighter Chicken Korma with Spinach Rice.
  • Joe Wicks’ Picks: Joe Wicks is an advocate for healthy cooking from scratch and a Gousto ambassador. Each week, choose a selection of healthy dinners approved by the Body Coach himself.

Take a step in the right direction with Gousto

Lighter Easy Mushroom Risotto with Crispy Bacon

Reduce food waste

Gousto is committed to sustainability, ensuring as little waste as possible.

When you order a Gousto recipe box, only fresh, precise ingredients are sent for your weekly suppers, which ensures almost zero food waste at home. Did you know each Gousto order saves 2kg of food waste compared to an equivalent supermarket shop?

Onto the technical bit. Gousto uses clever AI forecasting to predict how many orders of each delicious recipe they’re likely to receive. This helps them to avoid over-ordering from their suppliers, and as a result, less than 1% of surplus food waste is produced in their fulfillment centers.

Committed to ensuring no usable waste ends up in landfill, Gousto works with the UK charity network FareShare, to redistribute all surplus food. This has resulted in a million meals donated to those in need.

Given all of these commitments and their continued upkeep of standards, it’s no surprise that Gousto has earned B Corp status. This means that both socially and environmentally, Gousto meets the highest standard, and, to keep their B-Corp certification, they must commit to this conscious way of working for the long-haul.


Enjoy carbon-cutting cuisine from Gousto

Spanish Chicken and Padron Pepper Salad

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