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Introducing the Market Street experts

From the butchers to the bakers, Morrisons simply wouldn’t be Morrisons without the incredible people working on Market Street

This year, Morrisons is celebrating 125 years of providing high-quality, great value groceries to the nation – and, as with any big milestone, it’s made the team look back on how far they’ve come. Who would have thought that what started as a small egg and butter stall in Bradford market in 1899 would one day evolve into the Market Street that you can now find in Morrisons supermarkets up and down the country?

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the butchers, fishmongers, bakers, deli experts and all the other Market Street specialists you’ll find in store. Not only do they prepare much of the fresh food by hand for you every day, but some of them will even provide tips on the best ways to enjoy it.

Here are just a few of the experts you’ll find on Market Street, and how they can help you...

Morrisons butcher

Meet the butchers

All the meat on Morrisons’ butchers counter is 100% British all year round, as its sourced directly from British farmers. From beef joints and pork medallions to chicken thighs and lamb legs, every cut is hand-prepared by the brilliant Market Street butchers. You can also ask them to cut a specific amount for you or to share some of their expert tips for cooking the meat – whether that’s the best way to sear your steak or how to nail a perfectly pink pork fillet.

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Morrisons fishmonger

Meet the fishmongers

Morrisons has more than 1,000 Market Street fishmongers across the UK, who are always on hand to skin, de-bone and fillet your fresh fish for you in store. Like the butchers, they’ll happily cut you as much or as little as you like, and you can ask them for advice on how to cook it, too. Plus, they’ll give you free ice to help keep your fish fresher for longer, as well as microwavable, ovenproof fish bags for easy cooking.

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Morrisons baker

Meet the bakers

Every day, there are 1,655 skilled Market Street bakers mixing, proving and baking more than 25 different varieties of bread from scratch in Morrisons stores, which is more than any other UK supermarket. And it’s not just bread – you’ll also find cakes, tarts, pastries, doughnuts, cookies and plenty more. Many of these bakes will have been handmade on Market Street that very day, using only 100% British wheat flour.

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Someone who has just pulled carrots out from the ground

The people behind the produce

There’s also a huge range of seasonal fruit and vegetables at the Market Street greengrocers, much of which is sourced directly from trusted British growers – some of whom have been working with Morrisons for more than 30 years. From Yorkshire rhubarb and Jersey Royals to asparagus from the Wye Valley, you’ll find all the fresh produce you could need to serve delicious vegetable sides and fruity desserts through every season of the year.

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