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Find out how Yeo Valley Organic is doing things differently

Now you can enjoy the same deliciously simple taste of Yeo Valley Organic milk in a fully renewable carton

Yeo Valley Organic Whole and Semi-Skimmed Milk

Whether you add it to your tea, enjoy it with cereal or use it in your cooking, milk has always been a staple in many of our fridges. But nowadays, we’re becoming increasingly conscious of how our fresh produce is sourced, packaged and disposed of. Yeo Valley Organic understands this, which is why it has been trying to make good choices for more than 25 years – whether that’s through organic farming or breeding a herd of free-range, pasture-fed cows.

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Recently, Yeo Valley Organic has also given its one-litre milk packaging a make-over, so now you can enjoy the same deliciously fresh milk in a vibrant new carton. What else makes this packaging different?

  The new milk carton uses 70% less plastic than the previous one-litre bottle, which is the equivalent of 16g of plastic per pack – a saving that will quickly add up!

  Each one is made from natural brown cardboard with a plant-based plastic cap, both of which are fully renewable materials that will help to reduce Yeo Valley Organic’s reliance on fossil fuels.

  By making this switch, Yeo Valley Organic has managed to lighten the carbon footprint of its packaging by 60%, compared to the previous bottle.

  Every carton is fully recyclable – simply rinse it out, flatten it and replace the cap, then recycle it at a recycling bank or via some home collections. For more information about carton recycling in your area, click here

Cows in a field

Freedom to roam

Of course, the product is just as important as the packaging, and Yeo Valley Organic believes that organic cows produce great-quality milk. As they’re organically farmed, the cows spend as much time outdoors as the British weather allows, where they’re free to graze on the fresh grass in the clover-rich fields.

When it’s too wet or cold for them to be outside, they’re taken into warm, dry barns, and fed conserved grass, cereal crops and hay, which are all also organic.

Putting nature first

As well as making for a happy herd and great-tasting milk, Yeo Valley Organic believes organic farming is about working in harmony with nature. For instance, no chemical pesticides are used on the farms, offering a safe habitat for wildlife to flourish.

Organic farming also aims to create naturally nourished, healthy soil that’s full of life. So, Yeo Valley Organic only uses natural methods to fertilise its pastures, such as manures, composts and growing clover. These offer a more renewable alternative to artificial fertilisers, which are made by burning fossil fuels.

Yeo Valley Organic knows that when we look after nature, it looks after us. Plus, all organic farms are independently certified, so next time you enjoy a splash of Yeo Valley Organic milk in your cuppa, you’ll know it’s been farmed with nature in mind.

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