How to make meringues video

Learn how to whisk egg whites and make meringues.

Points to remember

  • Place egg whites in a clean, dry, grease-free bowl and use equally clean beaters.
  • Beat on a slow speed to build up a foam, and then increase the speed.
  • Soft peaks are when the whites are voluminous but they barely hold their shape when the beaters are lifted (for lightening batters).
  • Medium peaks just begin to hold their shape, but droop when the beater are lifted (for souffles).
  • Stiff peak egg whites completely hold their shape. Whisk in sugar at this stage to make meringues.

Don’t beat egg whites too quickly – you can break the protein chains, and they will never whisk up to full volume.


Don’t overwhisk whites – they will start to go lumpy and be difficult to use.