How to carve a pumpkin video

Learn how to carve a spooky Halloween gourd in two designs – a scary face, plus a simple hole-punched lantern – with help from the BBC Good Food cookery team.

Points to remember

  • Start by making a cavity in the middle of your pumpkin to remove the seeds. Draw a circle on the base of the pumpkin, cut it out using a knife then pull the circle away. Scrape away the seeds and stringy flesh using a spoon.
  • To make a decorative pumpkin, attach a template - or draw on your own design - then mark the outline using a skewer to punch holes in the pumpkin.
  • Remove the template then cut along the dotted lines with a knife. To add definition, peel away the top layer of the skin to reveal the lighter flesh underneath.
  • To create a simple lantern, punch holes through the pumpkin using an apple corer. Add your candle and enjoy!