• Good functions, minimalist look, reassuring guarantee


  • Slower than most 

Zwilling Enfinigy kettle Pro summary

This unusual kettle has plenty to offer. Delve into the instruction booklet on this kettle and you'll find a host of original features, including one for sterilising baby bottles.


The Enfinigy is very contemporary looking, with a silver body and white handle and lid. It sits on a white base that houses the control panel.

It also benefits from double-walled construction, which is designed to keep the water on the inside hot while the outside stays cool – particularly handy if you have small children. The outer wall remains reassuringly tepid to the touch, even when just boiled.

How easy is it to use?

The unconventional nature of this kettle extends to the water level indicator, in that there isn’t an external one. You have to lift the lid to see how much water is inside if you plan to reboil the kettle – marks show the water level in both cups and litres.

A multi-temperature kettle, you can select whether to boil your kettle to 60C, 70C, 80C, a very precise 'coffee' setting (93C) or 100C. There’s also a useful 'keep warm' function.

This kettle does take some getting used to. Once selected, the temperature indicator starts to flash, and the temperatures on the control panel light up in turn as the kettle reaches the correct one. Three quiet beeps alert you when it’s finished.

Perhaps surprising, given its 21st-century appearance, this is the slowest kettle on test, taking an average of around 3 mins 39 seconds to come to the boil. But, it does come with a five-year guarantee.


Although not for everyone, this high-tech kettle does have useful functions and a clever design that makes it a unique, stylish option.

ZWILLING Enfinigy specifications:

Choice of temperature: yes
Temperature indicator: yes
Keep warm function: yes
Water level indicator: internal
Removable limescale filter: integrated
Lid type: flip-up
Capacity: 1.5 litre
Dimensions including base 22.3 W x 26.5cm H
Weight including base: 1.7kg
Finished beep: yes

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