• A good-looking machine with a small footprint


  • Small waffles, and need a few goes to get them to your liking

Sage The No-Mess waffle maker summary

The Sage is simple and easy to use, and offers settings to vary the darkness of the waffle which also will change the texture too; the darker the colour, the crisper the waffle. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, too.


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How is the Sage No-Mess to use?

The No-Mess is ready to use after a quick wipe of the waffle plates. There’s just one clear knob on the front to set the length of cooking and the darkness of the waffle to your preference. As there are no recipes and few instructions in the enclosed instruction book, you will need your favourite recipe to hand – we used the BBC Good Food waffle recipe – as well as a measuring cup and a spatula (not included).

Operating the machine couldn't be any easier. The knob has 7 settings to choose the depth of colour. There is no need for oil as the plates are non-stick. Simply pour in 125ml of batter, close the lid (but do not lock it), and wait until you hear three beeps. Then, lift the lid and remove the waffles.

The Sage No-Mess makes one style of waffle, which is four quadrants of the 18cm diameter, so be ready to start pouring again as on the darker setting, it can take over 4 minutes to cook.

Cooking results

Our first go was disappointing; we had set the dial to 5 to help figure out the darkness and discovered our waffle was very dark and crisper than we would have liked. Number 2 was too pale, but 3 gave us the best results: a lovely crisp outer layer and fluffy interior. Once we had reached our favourite colour and texture, we were more than happy.

With a careful measure of 125ml, there was very little wastage. We tried 130ml to test the no-mess moat for overspill too, which worked well by oozing the excess into the channel without sticking or burning.

Each waffle is relatively small, so it is necessary to make quite a few in advance, especially if little people are waiting for their next one. Aside from that that, we loved the machine’s simplicity, the ease with which the waffles lifted from the machine, and the lovely even colour thanks to the Even Heat Thermal Pro plates.

Sadly, the machine was wrapped in plastic and had polystyrene packaging.

Sage No-mess specifications


Multifunctional: no
Removable plates: no
Size: ‎33.4 x 27.7 x 18.5 cm;
Weight: 3.6 kg
Indicator lights: yes
Dishwasher-safe parts: no
Wattage: 750 - 900W
Model number: BWM520 BSSUKM