• automatic dispensers, large range of settings, lots of accessories included, clear and informative manual, setting for bread mixes


  • expensive, no viewing window

Panasonic SD-YR2540 summary

Panasonic’s range of bread makers are minimalist and boxy, but not unattractive. The SD-YR2540 isn’t the smallest model on the market, but it comes equipped with an impressive 32 settings.


Like many other bread makers, this model can make three different sized loaves: medium, large and extra large, and has three browning levels. There’s a 13-hour delay timer and a wealth of accessories included.

How easy is the Panasonic SD-YR2540 to use?

Panasonic is famed for packing its bread makers with a whole host of different settings. With 32 to play with, this model not only makes the classics but also a new range of delights to try, such as spelt, sourdough and brioche, as well as compotes and pizza dough.

On the underside of the lid there’s an ingredient dispenser as well as a yeast dispenser, to ensure extras get added at just the right time. We did find the noise of the dispenser very loud, and it gave us a fright the first time it went off – a loud popping sound.

A generous selection of accessories are included with this model, including two paddles: one for normal bread and another comb-like one for rye bread. There’s also a measuring cup that can also be used for sourdough and measuring spoons.

We did have a few issues with the display panel (as we did with the Panasonic SD-2510). It’s remarkably small, and we found we had to cup the screen to be able to see what we were selecting. However, the controls are responsive and, when we were able to see what was going on, it displays all the useful information we needed to know.


We used the basic setting and made a large loaf with medium browning. We followed BBC Good Food’s Basic White Bread recipe. When we opened the lid after baking, we were greeted by a soft, evenly browned loaf. The sides of the bread were a little darker and crisper than the top, but only marginally so.

The loaf was soft and light inside. Everything had been evenly mixed and, overall, the rise was very good.

We only needed to invert the pan to remove the loaf, and the paddle left little to no evidence that it had been there.

We did find that there was a build up of stubborn bread on the underside of the paddle that we found hard to remove when cleaning, but a couple of minutes of soaking soon removed that.


This is an excellent bread maker for the curious and inventive home baker. With a wide range of bakes to try out, this model is sure to never get boring. It comes packed with additions to make your bread exactly the way you like it.

It’s not the cheapest model out there, but with Panasonic, you really are paying for the best. Bake consistently high-quality loaves in this attractive machine.


Machine size: 36.2 x 39.5 x 25.2cm
Power: 550W
Programmes: 32 pre-programmed
Delay function: yes
Viewing window: no
Display: Buttons
Crust colour adjustment: yes
Loaf size (s): medium, large, extra large
Guarantee: 1 year

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