• Neat, compact machine; easy-to-use


  • Flimsy measuring cup, confusing instructions

Judge mini rice cooker summary

If you want a compact rice cooker for just one or two people, then you will love the Judge mini rice cooker. This neat little machine is just 16cm across and (with the fully detachable lid) just 19cm tall, so it's perfect for small spaces and easy to pop in a cupboard for storage.


The cooker body and lid are made of sturdy white plastic and it has rubber feet, making it feel safe on the worktop. There is a rice paddle and the only flimsy bit of the whole machine is a measuring cup, which split the first time we used it.

How easy is the rice cooker to use?

Using this little rice cooker could not be easier. There is just one switch to start the cooking, which cleverly flips up to show the rice is cooked and to keep it warm until you are ready to eat. Following the water-to-rice ratio in the instruction book should be easy, as it's quite a straightforward method, but it's long-winded in the booklet.

However, once you have the hang of it, this is simple. Measure the rice, wash it, tip it into the main pot, add the specified amount of water marked on the inside, clip on the lid and flick the switch.

Cooking results

It took a few goes to get the rice perfect, mainly as we did not leave it to rest long enough. Initially, we tried resting the rice for just 5 minutes, but eventually settled on between 10-15 minutes. By keeping the rice in the pot on the 'keep warm' setting, it comes to a lovely temperature and has a good texture when served.


At an incredibly low price, this little cooker performs well, and once the timings are sorted, it produces fluffy, tasty rice. Unfortunately, the instruction book could be better written – it makes it more complicated than it needs to be. Nevertheless, this is a great rice cooker for smaller households and kitchens.


Judge mini rice cooker specifications

Food capacity: 0.3L
Power: 200W
Weight: 1.3kg
17 x 17 x 20 cm
Guarantee: two years