Cuisinart multi-temp jug kettle summary

Good-looking, fast-boiling and including different temperature options, this kettle ticks many must-have boxes. At first glance, this has a smaller range of temperature options than other variable temperature kettles, but it’s more flexible than it looks.


How easy is the Cuisinart multi-temp jug kettle to use?

There are buttons for 85C and 100C, but you can also choose either 90C or 95C by selecting 85C, then pressing the 'plus' button to adding five degrees. The kettle also has a digital indicator that shows the temperature climbing as the kettle boils. This technically also enables you to choose a lower temperature than the preset functions, as you can just stop the kettle when it shows your desired level.

This flexibility is useful for tasks including gently heating water for making bread or children’s drinks, or for filling a hot water bottle. It also saves on energy costs – most kettles are used several times a day, so overheating the water repeatedly adds up. It’s also time-saving if you usually have to wait for your drink to cool down before you drink it.


The kettle is one of the speediest we tested, averaging 2 mins to boil a litre from the cold tap. It’s pleasingly quiet, and we found it intuitive to use.

Cuisinart Signature multi-temp jug kettle specifications

Choice of temperature: yes
Temperature indicator: yes
Keep warm function: no
Water level indicator: yes
Removable limescale filter: yes
Lid type: flip-up
Capacity: 1.7-litre
Dimensions: 24.5 x 21 x 15cm
Weight: about 1.13kg
Finished beep: yes

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