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VonShef 1000W food processor, best food processors

VonShef 1000W food processor review

Published: March 2, 2021 at 11:58 am
A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
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With a 1000W motor and 3.5-litre capacity, this large edition of VonShef's food processor is a workhorse for batch cooking.


  • more power than previous 750 model, XXL feeder tube, 3.5L food processor capacity, smart blade storage draw


  • cheap-feel components

Summary of the VonShef 1000W food processor

This 1000W food processor is a step up from its 750W predecessor in a number of ways. The first and most obvious is power. The next is capacity. You can blitz a whopping 2.8 litres worth of ingredients in its 3.5-litre bowl, which is very useful for batch cooking.


Available from VonHaus (£77.99)

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Worth noting is that its separate blender bowl is the same 1.8-litre capacity as the 750W edition. The attachment selection is also the same, except you get the useful addition of a mixing spatula with this model.

The cord is nice and long which affords you a bit of flexibility. Four corner suckers keep the mixer steady on the countertop.

How easy is the VonShef 1000W food processor to use?

It's large for a food processor, but there are smart space-saving features. For example, the five interchangeable rectangular blades fit into one large multi-functional disc. Shredding, coarse grating, thick slicing, thin slicing and fine grating blades are all options. And storing them is made fuss-free thanks to a slide out compartment beneath the control dial, which also houses the large chopping blade (with reusable safety covers) and the large plastic dough blade.

Loading the disc onto the central stem is simple, thanks to two arrows indicating the direction of load and two handy finger holes for holding the disc steady. It's also simple to control, with two speeds and a pulse setting. The plastic spatula that accompanies the machine does the job, but isn't as effective as a silicone utensil. Although, it's true that catching a silicone spatula on a sharp blade may result in a sliced utensil.

There’s an XXL feeder tube which locks down, but it feels a bit over-engineered and makes the machine even taller. But there is a handy oil drizzle hole in the plunger, which was very useful for slowly adding olive oil into pesto and would also work well for making mayonnaise. Thankfully, the plunger is broad so isn’t too much of a blighter to wash up.

VonShef 1000W food processor performance

This food processor blitzed pesto into the finest consistency out of all machines tested, thanks to its large, nicely-spaced chopping blade.

The blade easily handled fibrous ingredients too, including tough galangal for basa gede spice paste. We didn't need to use the second speed function. When it came to slicing, grating and shredding, potatoes were sliced evenly for dauphinoise (using the fine slicer blade), while the medium blade would be perfect for carrots. Cheese was grated efficiently by all size shredders.

A safety lock on the feeder tube means the motor won't start without its lock being engaged – a good safety feature, because you don’t want to start a machine this large without a lid on.

There's no indication that the blade is loaded properly when threaded onto the central stem – you need to twist to lock, which can be tricky. We recommend keeping the blade guards on while doing this, then removing them before you add ingredients into the food processor bowl.


There’s no slide and glide perfect-fit feel to any of the components. This is a basic machine built for utility. But it’s great value for money, with a massive capacity that still handles small quantities well. The innovative storage tray is really handy. You don't need lots of cupboard space to store multiple processor blades and it's useful having the long cord. For the price, you get a lot for your money with the VonShef 1000W food processor.

Available from VonHaus (£77.99)

VonShef 1000W food processor specifications

Components: chopping attachment, shredding blade, medium slicing blade, fine slicing blade, medium grating blade, fine grating blade, dough attachment, mixing spatula
Functions: chop, grate, slice and mix
Dimensions: H42 X W25 X D22cm
Wattage: 1000W
Speed settings: two plus blitz
Bowl capacity: 3.5L (working capacity of 2.8L)

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