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Tower 250W table blender


● Interesting freezer cup feature
● Produces consistent results


● It’s not the smoothest operator

Star rating: 3.5/5

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The Tower 250W table blender is an all-in-one smoothie-maker and small-batch blender, featuring a cooling-liquid-lined cup designed to help make better frozen smoothies.

While its power and build quality are in-line with its budget price, it does a solid job of blending smoothie ingredients at small scale.

In our testing, we found the smoothies produced were a little more fibrous than those made using more powerful smoothie-makers, but were evenly blended nonetheless.

This neat little smoothie-maker comes very efficiently packaged in recyclable materials.

The instruction booklet does a pretty good job of explaining how to use the appliance, although we would have liked to have read more detail on certain features – especially the freezer cup, an interesting component with hollow, liquid-filled walls which freezes around the smoothie in the cup when placed in the freezer, great for making refreshingly cold smoothies.

Tower smoothie maker being tested

Activating this appliance isn’t as straightforward as other similar smoothie-makers. It’s a bit trickier to twist the cup and blade attachment into the correct position to start the motor. With that said, once you’ve got the knack, it’s an easy machine to use.

In-keeping with its relatively low wattage, it’s not especially noisy. It’s also a particularly neat appliance, with a very small footprint and space to wrap the power cable around inside the bottom of the base unit.

Despite having roughly the same silhouette as a cooling tower, it’s a decent looking machine, and its components are suitably robust. The cups don’t seem to leak whatsoever.

One minor negative is that it’s not as easy to clean as some of its competitors. The narrow profile of two of the blending cups makes it hard to get a sponge inside them, and there’s a gap between a few of the base unit parts, which we suspect could make cleaning them difficult in the long-term.

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We were pleased with the results. The texture of the drink was a little rougher than you’d get with a more powerful smoothie-maker, but we expect many users won’t find this at all unpleasant.

Tower table blender specifications
Power: 250W
Blend capacity: 500ml
Blade type: 4-blade array; 2-blade array
Weight: 2kg

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