Tefal DO824H40 DoubleForce Pro food processor

Pros: high-quality components, versatile
Cons: large footprint


Star rating: 4.5/5

  • This product is no longer available. To find more recommended buys, read our review of the best food processors.

This impressive food processor from French brand Tefal offers a rare combination of innovative features and straightforward usability.

The mixing blade and slicing discs are of very good quality – on a par with those from the Cuisinart Easy Prep Pro. Hooked up to the DO824H40’s 1000W motor, they processed ingredients quickly and effectively. The diagram on the front made it easy to choose the right setting for the job.

If you're new to food processors, you'll likely find this one very easy to use. Not only are the settings well signposted; the machine also works particularly serenely, with accessories that connect smoothly and intuitively.

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There are a few relatively seldom-found accessories to master: namely the whisk/beater attachment, and the citrus press, which can be used with the blender jug to add juice straight into a smoothie. The mini chopper is another novel feature. We found it very well suited to mincing garlic.

In terms of kitchen footprint, this appliance is a little on the larger side. The base unit is bulky, and the accessories are numerous. Some users may find this causes problems with storage – but on the plus side, the DO824H40 does offer one of the highest mixing bowl capacities of the food processors we tested. Furthermore, both the mixing bowl and the jug seem very tough.

Tefal food processor laid out on a table in a domestic setting

Whichever attachment or setting is used, this processor operates very quietly. Like the Sage Kitchen Wizz Peel & Dice, it has the benefit of producing a relatively deep tone, which our tester found less irritating than the higher-pitched tones made by some competing processors.

If we’re splitting hairs, one slight annoyance with the DO824H40 is that its pusher sits quite loosely inside the feeding chute. Try to contain your excitement when removing the lid to reveal your processed ingredients – if you remove it too quickly, the pusher might fly out.

This is one of the few processors we’ve tried where it seems conceivable that someone with narrow wrists could get their hand into the chamber while the blade is spinning, given the width of the feeding tube. But you probably know not to do that.

Tefal DoubleForce Pro specifications
Components: base unit; mixing bowl (3L); blender jug (2L); chopping blade; kneader; mini chopper; 3 x reversible slicing and grating and shredding discs; whisk/beater; citrus press; spatula
Functions: mix, blend, chop, knead, slice, grate, shred, whisk, juice
Colours: premium silver & dark grey
Item weight: 5.1kg

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