• stylish, super-speedy


  • pricey, tune may irritate some

Smeg KLF04 kettle summary

If any kettle could cheer you on a cold winter’s morning, it's this one. The model we tested was a strawberry ice cream colour, also available in a range of other shades. The bright body of the kettle contrasts with the silver handle, base and spout. It’s heavily branded – no one will be in any doubt this is anything other than a SMEG kettle – which will please some more than others.


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How is the Smeg kettle to use?

You can set the kettle to heat water between 50C and 100C, which you select by nudging the chunky knob. The temperatures go up by 10C at a time, though there’s also a 95C option. Lights along the base will show you how it’s progressing towards its target, so you can see at a glance how far off the kettle is from boiling if you’re multi-tasking in the kitchen. There’s also a useful keep warm function.

Adding to the cheerful air is the brief tune the kettles plays when it’s turned on and to signal it’s reached the desired temperature. There’s a little four note one when you press start, for example. The kettle pours smoothly, and takes around 2 minutes 15 seconds to boil a litre.

There’s a sizeable button in the middle of the lid to press which lifts the lid. The handle is notably comfortable, and doesn’t attach at the bottom. One point to note is that the kettle is heavier than most.

Smeg kettle specifications
Choice of temperature: yes
Temperature indicator: yes
Keep warm function: yes
Water level indicator: cups and litres
Removable limescale filter: yes
Lid type: pop up
Capacity: 1.7l
Dimensions: 275x226x171
Weight: 1.33kg
Finished beep: yes

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