• available in a range of colours and sizes, great looking, can be used at a high oven temperature, robust


  • expensive

Smeg frying pan summary

Known for its high-quality appliances, this non-stick frying pan (along with a casserole dish and wok) is Smeg’s first foray into the world of cookware. The frying pan is available in three different colours: red, black and cream, and in three sizes: 24cm, 26cm or 28cm.


The frying pan features a robust non-stick surface and a long handle that showcases tell-tale Smeg design features like the ridges running the length of the handle and an embossed logo. This pan is oven-safe up to 250C, making it ideal for hob to oven cooking.


How easy is the Smeg frying pan to use?

The pan is relatively quick to heat up, taking just two and a half minutes to reach the temperature we were looking for. We did notice the frying pan made a slight popping sound as it was heating up and cooling down, but Smeg assured us that it’s a common effect when two different materials with differing properties are exposed to heat. This can also occur depending on the type of hob you’re cooking on; we tested the pan on gas, so the direct heat may have contributed to this. Rest assured though, the popping noise has no effect on the performance of the pan.

The frying pan has high, slightly curved walls ideal for tossing and for making big batches of soupier foods, like our tomato & mascarpone risotto.

The handle is long and comfortable to hold. It features indented lines running the length of the handle and it is hollow. This is not just a design feature, as it also allows water to run freely after washing, rather than gathering and sitting stagnant. We did notice that the handle gets a little warm towards the pan-end, though.

This pan, like the rest of the range, is dishwasher-safe, though thorough cleaning wasn't needed as nothing stuck to the pan.


We tested the pan using two simple recipes: American pancakes and a basic omelette.

The non-stick coating is exceptional. When cooking American pancakes, the roughcast non-stick surface gripped the batter as it fell into the pan and stopped it spreading too thin. Each pancake was evenly cooked and browned, wherever we placed it in the pan. The browning was consistent and free from patches on both sides.

We used butter when cooking a basic omelette, not to stop the egg from sticking, but to add flavour. We found the pan responsive to changes in temperature and enjoyed a fluffy, well-cooked omelette.

Pancake cooked in Smeg frying pan


This frying pan is a fantastic all-rounder: non-stick, comfortable handle, reassuringly weighty and a nice design. While this frying pan comes at a high-end cost, for committed cooks and those looking for a pan to stand the tests of time, this is a worthwhile investment.

It’s versatile too; able to go from hob to oven with no real restrictions on temperature.

The colours available are a great starting point, though we’d like to see Smeg branch out and offer the variety that they do for their iconic fridges.

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Diameter (cm): 24, 26, 28
Height (cm): 8.4, 8.7, 8.8
Non-stick: Non-stick PTFE
Materials: cold forged aluminium
Induction compatible: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Oven safe: yes, up to 250C

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