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Phillips xxl air fryer

Philips Avance air fryer XXL review

Air fryers are healthier alternatives to cooking with deep fat fryers. Read our review of the Philips Avance air fryer XXL to see how it fared in our tests.

We’ve picked products we think you’ll love and may earn commission from links on this page. Read about why you can trust BBC Good Food reviews. This page was updated in August 2020.


Philips Avance air fryer XXL

Pros: straightforward presets, huge basket capacity, quiet
Cons: expensive, large footprint

Star rating: 4.5/5

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Philips has a huge hold on the air fryer market, and its distinctive pull-out basket is available in various capacities. This model is the largest in the line-up, and is great if you’re catering for a family, as the large basket will accommodate enough chips for four to six people.

The preset for chips refers to the frozen variety, so we made our homemade fries in 20 minutes using the manual button instead. These turned out great, as we’d shaken the basket halfway through cooking time, so they were an even colour and very appetising. The keep-warm function meant they were still hot and crisp after 20 minutes.

There are five preset options to choose from on this model – frozen fries, meat, fish, whole chickens and chicken drumsticks – so you only have to press one button for dinner in a hurry.

Of course, you can set the time and temperature manually, if you like. We tried air-frying lamb chops for 12 minutes at 200 degrees. There was smoke escaping the rear vent by the end, but our chops were perfect, with nicely rendered fat.

Phillips advance air fryer review

We liked that the air and heat was able to circulate under the single layer of chops, so there was no need to turn them as they cooked.

For such a large-capacity fryer, the footprint is always going to be a consideration. It’s not too heavy, though, and there’s integral cord storage if you do choose to store it between meals.

Philips’ fat removal technology makes this model a healthier way to fry without losing taste. The wire base was slightly trickier to clean than other non-stick versions, and it needs a good brush over in soapy water to remove bits of food stuck in the mesh.

We took everything apart and put it in the dishwasher after collecting the oil from the bottom tray first.

We can see this becoming a mainstay of the kitchen, with such efficient roasting and frying options. Ready meals, toasties, traybakes and cupcakes were all a success, and now we would not want to be without it on the worktop.

Philips Avance air fryer XXL specifications:
Power: 2225W
Maximum temperature: 200C
Capacity: 7.3 litres
Dimensions: 32.2 x 43.3 x 31.6cm
Guarantee: two years
Recipe book: yes, plus app

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