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Outback Omega 200 gas barbecue review

Have you tried cooking on a gas barbecue? This heavy-duty piece of kit can make summer entertaining a lot easier. Read our review of the Outback Omega 2-burner gas BBQ. 

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Outback Omega 200 gas barbecue

Pros: quick build, easy start-up
Cons: short grill, cumbersome and heavy, deceptively poor heat, flaming and smoking, difficult storage, tricky build, not versatile

Burger count: approx 20

Overall rating: 1.5/5

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Leading outdoors brand Outback manufacture a large range of barbecues. The entry-level Omega 200 is on the lower end of their price range. We found the cooking results questionable.

Unclear instructions with especially difficult-to-follow diagrams make for a tricky build, though on the plus-side you can put it together in under an hour. The assembled grill is surprisingly cumbersome, short, and thanks to flimsy wheels and non-folding side tables, a burden to move and store.

The gas connects and ignites simply enough (though it’s hard to initially see if it’s lit) and is ready to cook in an impressive 10 minutes. It seems to keep its temperature well and you can adjust it with ease.

All this is slightly deceptive, however, as once you actually get cooking you’ll notice a chaotic and inconsistent flame providing disappointing flare-ups and smoking (also creating issues when it comes to cleaning).

The gas is surprisingly close to the food – it’s unorthodox to have a single horizontal burner covered by a thick umbrella of steel. Even though the grill gives off noticeable heat, it cooks mystifyingly slowly. After 20 minutes, our sausages and halloumi slices were still effectively raw.

When you take into account the low hood, average-sized grill, tiny cooling shelf and lack of temperature gauge, this barbecue is a disappointment.

Star ratings:

Assembly 2/5 (1 hr)
Ease of use 2/5
Cooking results 1/5
Value for money 1.5/5

Overall rating: 1.5/5  


Height: 128cm
Width: 140cm
Depth: 61cm
Material: steel and chrome
Hose & regulator: included
Gas type: clip-on propane
Dishwasher safe: no
Warranty: 12 months (limited)

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