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Nikka Days whisky (40% ABV)

Star rating: 4/5

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Blended from some of Nikka’s other flagship whiskies, Days is a mix of 8-10 year old whiskies that might otherwise go into its Coffey grain, Coffey malt, Miyagikyo single malt and Yoichi single malt bottlings. Designed to be enjoyed as a light, easy-drinking whisky, it's ideal for serving as a highball.

Days presents as an extremely pale straw colour. On the nose, it has a touch of grain, with pear drops and cut grass coming in and out of a malt sweetness so delicate as to be almost candy floss.

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The taste is very light, with that sweetness leading and joining apple, pear and lemon, before darker sugar leads into a little smokiness and mineral notes.

It finishes, again, light, with a subtle element of wood and tannin, almost to the point of bitterness. This makes it seriously sippable.

While the initial impression is not unrecognisable to fans of a delicate Lowland scotch or bourbon, Days has a few savoury notes that set it apart without sacrificing the drinkability.

The perfect pour

Combine one part Days and four parts chilled sparkling water over large chunks of ice in a highball glass. To make it even more refreshing, chill the glass before you make the drink.

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