Lakeland mini multi-cooker


  • Three rice cooking programmes
  • Small footprint
  • Carry handle
  • Smart cooking
  • Easy to use


  • Water-to-rice ratio unclear

Available from Lakeland (£49.99)

This is a four-cup rice cooker that is ideal for individuals or couples. There are three programmes for rice – white, brown and a quick-cook programme that takes roughly 15 minutes.

The machine monitors the internal temperature during cooking and adjusts the cooking time and temperature in response.

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The lid is sealed at the edges and has a vent to release steam. Once cooking has finished, the machine beeps and switches to keep warm mode.

The manual is not as clear on rice-water ratios as other rice cookers tested. It gives a rough suggestion of one cup of water to one cup of rice and says to follow rice packet instructions. This means a bit of experimenting and adjusting on behalf of the user.

Despite this, the programmes did work well in testing and we had good fluffy results. The cooker’s other functions include slow cooking, cake baking and a yogurt-making programme that can also be used for proving bread dough.

Available from Lakeland (£49.99)

Capacity: 4 cups uncooked rice
Dimensions: L28cm x W23.5cm x H20cm
Weight: 2.7kg
Length of cord: 95cm
Bowl material: removable non-stick pot
Multi-cooker functions: slow cooking, porridge, quinoa, cake, yogurt
Additional extras: rice spatula, measuring cup
Dishwasher-safe? No
Adjustable timer? Adjustable cooking times for some preset programmes
Preset cooking delay? No
Warmer setting? Yes

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