Hands up who’s raged about the sheer number of spice jars on the counter top? Or had to switch-up their recipe plans because they couldn’t find the ingredient they know they have somewhere? Same here. Space can come at a premium in kitchens.


Luckily there are some smart kitchen storage ideas around to help solve common problems; cupboards packed with half-used ingredients, crowded worksurfaces, shelves you can’t use because you can’t reach them. Even ways to store sharp knives safely so you’re never surprised by one lurking in the bottom of a cluttered cutlery draw.

We’ve collated some sturdy storage hacks to make cooking easy, more enjoyable and the aftermath easier to clean. So whether you have tonnes of space or a tiny kitchen, discover our selection of kitchen storage ideas to help organise your kitchen.

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Tried and tested top kitchen storage solutions

Knagglig wooden pine box, best kitchen storage ideas

KNAGGLIG wooden pine box

These pine wooden boxes by Ikea are stackable and robust. Importantly, they’re also inexpensive. Pine is a lightweight wood in the grand scheme of things so if you want to organise your shelves, you needn't worry about the additional weight.

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Load them up with spices, tea towels and the contents of the store cupboards for a great space-saving kitchen storage solution. Or stack them filled with weighty dry-goods like potatoes. The handy gap between the slats is useful for peeking into when boxes are sat above eye level.

Available from IKEA (£5)

HAY stackable storage crates, best kitchen storage ideas

HAY Colour crates

These multi-coloured crates come in three different sizes and clip together with a couple of presses and clicks.

The larger crates make a handy shopping tool; keep them in the back of your car to fill with heavy tins and dry ingredients. They also pack down easily so are great to hide away when you’re not using them.

If you’re short on space, the small crates stacked allow you to fit double the amount of spices in a cupboard or on a shelf. Two small plastic ‘arms’ hold a label, so they can be interchangeably used.

There's a selection of mix and match the colours would look effective on shelves in a modern open kitchen, but might look a little out of place in a more traditional space. Prices start at £6 for a small crate (W 26.5cm x L 17cm x H 10.5cm).

Adapt a shelf extendable organiser by lakeland, best kitchen storage ideas

Expandable shelf organiser

This is a lightweight piece of kit that simply slides out to adjust to the size of your cupboard (up to 65.5cm wide).

Its tiered design will not only neaten the appearance of a cupboard but make finding things easier, effectively showcasing your spices. Handily it requires minimal installation and features non-slip mats, great for holding jars steady. Plus the plastic is easy to wipe clean.

Although this isn’t necessarily a space saving gadget – it holds the same amount of jars in the cupboard and would make short work of locating what you need, when you need it.

Available from Lakeland (£16.99)

Uashmama washable paper bag, kitchen storage solutions

Uashmama washable paper bags

These Uashmama paper bags are study and thick. They’re also cleanable so perfect for washing and reusing. If you’re looking for a contemporary-looking kitchen storage solution, washable bags are a creative alternative. Load them with tomatoes or odds and ends like coffee filters and tea strainers on the shelf. They can also be repurposed beyond the kitchen for holding plants, makeup and toiletries.

Made using raw materials from trees and natural vegetable wax, this material is more akin to vegan leather than normal paper. The roll top means you can change the size depending on what you’re storing.

They’re stylish and practical – use them in place of serving bowls, containers or crates. Non-metallic colours are available.

Available from:
Urban Coo (from £12.50)
Trouva (£17.99)

RAJTAN spice jars Ikea, best kitchen storage ideas

IKEA glass spice jars

Spice jars are practical kitchen storage solutions for a number of reasons, in part, because they utilise cupboard storage space.

Made from glass (with a BPA-free plastic seal), this design makes it easy for you to see what’s where when cooking without needing to rummage through a packed cupboard for the right dried herbs or spice. They’re also simple to clean – just remove the screw lid and pop in the dishwasher.

Available from IKEA (£2 for four)

Nkuku Recycled Glass Dome, best kitchen storage ideas

Nkuku recycled glass dome

This glass dome is a real centrepiece and offers great versatility. Large enough for you to store quiche, bread, cheeses or cake, it would be a perfect gift for a baker who always has a cake on the go.

The sturdy build and eco friendly materials used (recycled glass and sustainable wood) help justify the price. It’s a classy kitchen storage alternative to the traditional bread bin or plastic storage container.

Available from Nkuku (£69.95)

Brabantia microfibre drying towel, best kitchen storage ideas

Brabantia microfibre dish drying mat

Stacking washing-up can feel a bit like a game of jenga. We’ve all felt the pain of losing a treasured piece of crockery thanks to a landslide of misbalanced dishes.

Microfibre dish mats offer a good alternative to the drying rack for stacking pans. This one by Brabantia claims to be able to absorb up to seven-times its weight in water, whilst keeping the worktop dry. It’s machine washable at 60C, foldable and has a hanging loop for easy storage.

Available from:
John Lewis and Partners (£8.50)
Amazon (£8.50)
Brabantia (£9.25)

TENHULT Wooden stepping stool Ikea, best kitchen storage ideas

TENHULT wooden stepping stool

For reaching into the recesses of your deepest cupboards or up to higher shelves, a little sturdy stool is a great bit of kit to have in the corner.

This bamboo step stall is lightweight, small for easy storage and gives you the opportunity to utilise every inch of your kitchen storage, whatever the height.

Available from IKEA (£15)

ProCook Magnetic Knife Rack, best kitchen storage ideas

ProCook magnetic knife rack

A magnetic knife rack safely keeps knives out of messy drawers, frees up some space and protects the blades so they stay sharper for longer.

40cm wide, this one from ProCook safely holds up to eight knives, including bread and carving knives, which are often tricky to store in draws.

Available from:
Amazon (£19)
ProCook (£24)

Ninja foodie, kitchen storage ideas, space saving kitchen solutions

NINJA Foodi OP300UK multi-pressure cooker & air fryer

A multi-cooker means you can save space that would otherwise have been taken up by multiple gadgets. The Ninja Foodi offers seven functions within its small footprint that will help you make everyday meals with minimal effort.

Try our slow cooker beef stew, lemony prawn pea pressure cooker risotto or give its steamer a try on fresh greens. It also acts as an air-fryer and will roast, seer and sauté away. Helpfully, the non-stick cooking pot is dishwasher-safe.

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