Kah Blanco tequila (40% ABV) summary

A fascinating-looking bottle of tequila that celebrates an equally fascinating local custom. This earthy, citrus-laced tequila comes in a hand-finished calavera (skull-shaped bottle) in tribute to the traditions of Mexico's Day of the Dead.


What's the story behind Kah Blanco tequila?

Perhaps the most recognisable bottle of tequila in the world, this Mexican spirit comes served in a hand-finished skull, designed to replicate the calaveras used in rituals during the ‘Día de Muertos’ (Day of the Dead).

The Day of the Dead festival is a massive event in the Mexican calendar. The three-day fiesta takes place to pray for deceased family and friends. The belief is that mourning and sadness would insult the dead – instead, the event is full of life, with people drinking and eating together, and taking part in all of the activities that their lost loved ones enjoyed.

Calaveras are arguably the most iconic symbol of the event. Throughout the festival you will see faces painted as skulls, edible sugar skulls, and decorative clay skulls. Kah's brand name translates as ‘life’, and the company hand-decorates its own calaveras to bottle their tequila – no two bottles are the same.

What does Kah Blanco tequila taste like?

Kah Blanco is made with lowland Jalisco agave. It's earthy on the nose with agave-wrapped marzipan in the background. On the palate the marzipan returns to the almonds from whence it came, the nutty notes meshed with baking spices and squeezes of lemon.

There are a number of ways to enjoy Kah Blanco, but we think you should try a Matador. Into an iced cocktail shaker, pour 40ml of Kah Blanco, 20ml lime juice and 50ml pineapple juice, plus a dash of sugar syrup. Shake well and strain into a highball glass.

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